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Q: What does rambunctious mean?
A: It's generally applied to children or dogs. It means highly active, in high spirits, very energetic, involving a lot of physical activity. My dictionary suggests 喧闹的 or 欢闹的。The connotation in English is generally positive: rambunctious kids are happy and active, not hoodlums.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with rambunctious.
A: He is a rambunctious child and never listens to his parents.

Police arrived because the party was rambunctious and out of control.

The teacher screamed at the rambunctious students, who were throwing their books and writing on the walls.
Q: Please show me example sentences with rambunctious.
A: that girl is very rambunctious!
This word means out of control or wild
It’s like saying someone is very crazy in their behavior
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Q: What is the difference between rambunctious and vigorous and energetic ?
A: @justinepineda244 Thanks so much :) I guess I have to take vigorous training for me to become a language warrior to rock the IELTS lol

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