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Q: What does ramp up mean?
A: Ramp up means to increase the intensity or the speed of an action. It carries an implication of doing something quickly or immediately.
"Our action figures are selling like crazy. We need to ramp up production to meet demand."
"If we are going to finish this project by the deadline, we have to ramp up our schedule."
"We have to ramp up research on this drug before our competitor files a patent."
Q: What does On a ramp mean?
A: It means you were standing on one of these:

Q: What does ramp up mean?
A: Increase performance, production, etc., compared to previous state.

“Ramp up the car’s engine”, step on the gas to make it increase its outputted performance.
“The marathon runner ramped up his pace in the final mile”, he increased his pace.
“Apple ramped up the production of the iPhone X to meet demand”, increased production.
Q: What does ramp up mean?
A: It means intensify
Q: What does ramp up competition mean?
A: The competition will get harder, more intense.


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Q: Please show me example sentences with ramp up.
A: we dont use the phrase "ramp up" you can use increase or rise.

our sales have RAMPED UP! (past tense)
our sales have INCREASED!

the bar chart is RAMPING UP! (present tense)
the bar chart is RISING!
Q: Please show me example sentences with ramp up.

The police are ramping up security in the neighborhood because there have been a lot of break-ins lately

Our factory has not been able to ramp up production and meet demands because one of our machines isn't properly functioning.

I feel like it's mostly used in these two contexts: security and production
Q: Please show me example sentences with to ramp up.
A: To "ramp up" means to increase. You can ramp up the excitement at a concert with flashing lights, screaming music and fake smoke etc. The sense of anticipation at a boxing match is ramped up with all the music, the announcer's dramatic voice, the procession on the boxers and their assistants and so on.
Q: Please show me example sentences with ramp.
A: The car cannot make it up the ramp.

There is a ramp at the entrance of the school.

I don't want to walk down the ramp.

She fell down the ramp when she was running.
Q: Please show me example sentences with ramp.
A: He needed a ramp for his wheelchair but there were only stairs

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Q: What is the difference between ramp up and build up ?

When these two expressions are used colloquially, I don't think there's any meaningful difference between them. They both mean that you are getting ready – gathering your energies – before doing something. Preparation.
Q: What is the difference between ramp and slope ?
You would use slope when talking about land and ramp is when it's built.
Q: What is the difference between ramp up and step up ?
A: They pretty much have the same meaning, both meaning to "turn something up" like a car engine or volume. But if you really want to find a difference i guess it would be the difference in aggressiveness? "Ramp up" sounds more aggressive, but still there's not a big difference between the two.
Q: What is the difference between ramp up something and step up something ?
A: ramp up customer service
step up efforts

ramp up production
step up production

Ramp up and step up mean to increase something.
Q: What is the difference between on and off ramp and acclivity and declivity ?
A: An on ramp is when you are merging onto a highway, an off ramp is the exit from a highway. I don't know the other two words, not commonly used.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? ramp up
A: ramp up

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Q: what does 'clear the ramp! 30 seconds!" mean?
source: from the movie Saving Private Ryan
A: i think it means that they have 30 seconds to get over the ramp? im not sure, i havent watched the film but that's what it sounds like
Q: "the ramp at the hotel's vestibule is too steep. my nephew came close to falling backwards walking by himself up the ramp." Does this sound natural?
A: Vestibule used to be more commonly used until around the 1920s
Q: Please show me how to pronounce a ramp leads down into the water.
A: Check the question to view the answer

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