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Q: What does recede mean?
A: To move back.

Most commonly used with water:
The water receded after the flood. The drought has caused the lake to recede.

Or hair when balding 👨‍🦲:
My hair line started receding when I turned 25 (I started losing hair from the front of my head).
Q: What does receding fast. mean?
A: Receding=to move back or get farther away from a previous position, so receding fast would mean to move back quickly (from the objects previous position). Example: ‘the tide was receding fast’
Q: What does receding mean?
A: To move back from a previous position

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Q: Please show me example sentences with receding.
A: The coastline was receding as the sea eroded the cliffs.

He has a receding hairline.

The enemies are receding into the distance.
Q: Please show me example sentences with recede.

Thank you very much so, it might be similar to “ drop back” or “ withdraw”.
Q: Please show me example sentences with to recede.
A: "His hairline is receding because he is growing old."
"She was forced to recede from her position."
"The waters receded from the land."

Synonyms of "Recede" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between to recede and to retreat ?
A: they can mean the same thing, but “retreat” usually refers to running away from something (especially in a battle), and “recede” would just mean to go away from something/to lessen

“They retreated from the battlefront”
“They retreated from the castle”
“Before a tsunami, water will recede from the shore”
“The chances of war receded after the treaty was signed”
Q: What is the difference between recede and concede ?


recede 可以说是"从A退到B 的退"或则"慢慢的没/退了"或则"后退/消退"的意思
recede can mean moving back from pt A to pt B or slowly disappearing/ be gone or to retreat.

# 发际线后退, hairline receding - hairline (发际线) recede (后退)
# 海浪慢慢的消退, the waves slowly receded - waves (海浪/波浪) 消退 (recede)


concede 可以说是"认输了"的意思, 有时候可以说是"之前不认输,现在认输了"。或则是"放弃/投降" 或则 "承认/同意/接受"。concede can mean to admit defeat, and sometimes to admit defeat after first denying it. It can also mean to give up/surrender or to agree and accept something.

# (姐姐跟妹妹在抢东西,两个都要A,所以) 姐姐把A放弃了,将把A给了妹妹。(older sister and younger sister fighting for A. So) Older sister conceded the "A"/item to the younger sister.

# 他终于投降了,he finally conceded (defeat).
Q: What is the difference between recede and regress ?
A: Recede means to go back, step backward, slide backward. In other words, this is used if an something/someone moves backward. This is commonly used to describe the physical movement.

Regress is more likely used in acts, like the act of going back to his old life but not literally stepping all the way back to his old life.


"The ocean receded and that's where we immediately evacuated because it is a sign of an upcoming Tsunami."

"Instead of healing, the patient is regressing to its old state."

Notice the difference? In the second example, it did not mean that the patient literally stepped backward or moved backward.

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce recede.
A: Check the question to view the answer

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