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Q: What does riled up mean?
A: Agitated. Irritated. He was friendly but became riled up when someone inquired after his family.
Q: What does riled up mean?
A: It means to irritate/annoy.

Example: "Our dog gets all riled up when a cat passes by."


"Theres no need to get all riled up - I was just kidding!"

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Q: What is the difference between riled up and worked up ?
A: They both describe someone who's having an emotional reaction that gets stronger and stronger, but "worked up" can apply to a lot of different emotions (fear, excitement, etc.) "Riled up" is usually for anger specifically.
Q: What is the difference between all riled up and all worked up ?
A: Wow.
I can’t thank you enough
Q: What is the difference between riled up and very excited ?
A: Riled up is more negative. It means that you are annoyed or angry about something. Very excited is more positive. It means you are eager or happy about something.
"We don't let Tom watch the news. The politicians always get him riled up."
"Tom got very excited when he heard that the circus was coming to town."

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