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Q: What does he has a sensitivity to cow's milk mean?
A: He is lactose intolerant . which means that he can't digest/process anything made my cows
Q: What does sensitivity to the carotid sinus reflex mean?
A: Someone is prone (likely) to experience the reflex
Q: What does The antenna-like sensitivity and intelligence she used to intuit the true nature of the people she met.

What is the meaning of antenna-like sensitivity?是什麼意思 mean?
A: Like an antenna receiving radio signals, she can pick up people's intentions and feelings.

It's a very flowery metaphor. I have not heard it before.
Q: What does "sensitivities abound" mean?
A: abound = be many

you will be sensitive to a lot of things. perhaps it means it will be harder for you to control your emotions.

they still have horoscopes?? 😂
Q: What does "sensitivities abound" mean?
A: There will be lots of sensitivities.
It comes from "abundance"

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Q: What is the difference between sensitivity and sensibility ?
A: They are very different words.

Sensitivity means something is easily felt or fragile and you should be be careful when dealing with it. Because it is painful or it reacts quickly.

Sensibility is about the mind. It means sensible- being smart and thoughtful about something.
Q: What is the difference between sensitivity and sensibility ?


➡an ability to understand what other people need, and be helpful and kind to them.


➡an understanding of or ability to decide about what is good or valuable, especially
 in connection with artistic or 

➡The police showed 
commendable sensitivity in their handling of the case.

➡It has learnt to strike a balance 
between artistic sensibility and commercial success.


Q: What is the difference between sensitivity and sensibility ?
A: Sensitivity is when someone is sensitive. Sensitive can mean either that they feel the senses stronger than most people or that they get hurt or annoyed easily.

Sensibility is when someone is sensible. Sensible means to have good judgement.

"My sensitivity is so high that I will break my arm from even just tripping."

"I tend to have low sensibility when it comes to dress codes. The other night, I wore a swim suit to a black tie gala."
Q: What is the difference between sensitivity and sensibility ?
A: sensibility 脳の(考えの)感覚に関する 知恵によって行うこと sensible (形容詞)
sensitivity 接触、感情の感覚に関する  sensitive (形容詞)

He is sensible 彼はちゃんとした、知恵によって実用的に行動する人

He is sensitive 彼は神経過敏 (とあることですぐ悲しくなるとか)
He is sensitive to the heat 彼は暑さに敏感

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? sensitivity
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: I envy you having full of sensitivity and expressions. Does this sound natural?
A: There are a few other ways to say this, but one is "I envy you having so much sensitivity and expression."
Better, I think, would be "I envy you being so sensitive and expressive."
Q: I have a sensitivity to the cold of edge. Does this sound natural?
A: You can say several different things depending on what you wish to convey:
When it’s cold outside, my fingers and toes are always cold.

I am sensitive to the cold. When it’s cold outside, my fingers and toes are always cold.

Something like this.
I hope this helps!
Q: I really love your sensitivity. Does this sound natural?
A: oh It's okay I understood , you want to say that you liked the feelings that are in song ,so you can just say , I like the song , it's so emotional , or you can use sensibility as told you
Q: What is "sensitivity" in the text below?
A: Sensitivity in this context means that they paid attention to the needs and desires of the people they gave sanctuary to.

Not sure if that helps
Sensitivity is a difficult thing to explain.
I would be like if I tried to answer this question in Korean because that is your native language.

I would be being showing kindness and sensitivity towards you.

Not sure it that helps, sorry. 👍🏻
Q: sensitivity Does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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