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Q: What does sink efforts mean?
A: It means the rifts have stopped a new government from forming.

Sink of course is linked to a downward motion and is being used in this sentence to say the Lebanon rifts have brought down efforts to form a new government.
Q: What does He's clearly sinking fast mean?
A: Sinking means submerging below water. A person who can’t swim will sink quickly.
“Sinking” can be either literal or figurative.

He’s clearly sinking fast means it is obvious that he is going below the surface (of water?) quickly.
Q: What does let that sink in mean?
A: let that be fully understood/grasped
Q: What does sink in.
The little man silently inspected his timetables and let Allan’s words sink in. mean?
A: Understand.
To let Allan's words be understood.
Q: What does sink as verb and noun mean?
A: A sink (noun) is the thing you have in your kitchen where you wash the dishes. You wash the dishes in the sink.

To sink (verb) is what a boat does when it has a hole in the bottom. It sinks into the sea.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with sink in.
A: It essentially means to fully accept or understand something.

"It took Steve many months for his mother's death to sink in"

"The teacher paused frequently during the difficult lesson to let the information sink in"
Q: Please show me example sentences with sink in. (could I say any of these? which ones? correct them please : “I am a very sinked in person”, “I am sinking in architectural modernism, so I would be a great worker in that theme”).
A: None of those really make sense.

"Sink in" is normally used to talk about an idea or event that you have gotten used to or have become comfortable with.

For example "Winning the competition last week still hasn't sunk in" which would mean that you're still surprised you won the competition, eventhough it was a week ago.
Q: Please show me example sentences with sink.
A: Sink can have two meanings. Sink can be an object, something you wash your hands in. Or sink can also mean to submerge.

Ex. “Please wash your hands in the sink before you eat”

Ex. “The boat will sink if it has a hole.”

Ex. “If you throw a rock in the water it will sink.”

Q: Please show me example sentences with sink in.
A: It can be positive or negative. You can either be "focused" on your studies or "overwhelmed" with your studies. It really depends on your tone.
Q: Please show me example sentences with sink down.
A: @Ri-na: 'Don't sink down to their level' is the only one I can think of :)

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Q: What is the difference between to sink and to dive ?
A: To sink means to fill with water to the point where something goes under the surface of the water and is carried to the bottom of that body of water by gravity.
To drive is to jump into a body of water, then when you are submerged beneath the surface, your body defies gravity by swimming to the surface.
Q: What is the difference between sink and go under ?
A: sink: not on purpose; usually used with a liquid (e.g. the Titanic is sinking)
go under: on purpose; e.g. this item goes under this category; go under the tree to avoid the rain; the comittee is under review.

hope this helps
Q: What is the difference between sink down and sink back ?
A: SINK DOWN: 1. To fall or lower (oneself), as due to exhaustion, weakness, despair, etc.
= I came in the door and sank down onto the sofa, totally wiped from such a long day at work.
= I sank down to the floor and cried when I heard the news that Michael had died.

SINK BACK definition: to move into a relaxed, comfortable position:
= He sank back in his chair and closed his eyes.
Q: What is the difference between sink and washbasin ?
A: A washbasin is a bathroom sink.

Before we had modern plumbing, you would have a washbasin and a ewer full of water.
Basin = bowl
Ewer = jug.

We kept the historical name washbasin for the bathroom sink.

Laundry sinks are sometimes called laundry tubs. A tub is a bigger container than a basin. Which is why we also have bath tubs.

I can’t think of another term for a kitchen sink, but I’m sure that historically there was one 😀

Q: What is the difference between sink and fall and drop ?
A: Sinking is used when referring to water. It means that the object or person cannot float and will therefore keep travelling through the water until they hit the bottom. "The boat is going to sink because it now has a hole in it and is filling up with water"

Fall typically refers to a human or animate object when discussing movement such as "If you keep running like that you are going to fall over" or "The cat is losing balance and is going to fall off of the fence".

Drop is used to refer when an object that was suspended in air either by someone holding it or being tied to a rope, etc.. It can also be used to refer to a person who was being held by another person but they let go so they fell. Drop is generally seen as an accidental occurance. "We were rehearsing the dance when he dropped me" or "I dropped my phone".

These words can also be used together to make a more complex sentence.

For example:

"I dropped my phone in the pool and it sunk to the bottom"

"If you pick me up like that, you are going to drop me and I will hurt myself in the fall"

"I sunk to the bottom of the pool because I fell in without knowing how to swim"

Translations of "Sink"

Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? Who (to fix) your sink ? in Present Continuous Tense
A: Who is fixing your sink?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? what does it mean???? 'sink to a new low'
A: Sink to a new low means be even worse than you are already. In the context here they’re saying the Fox TV network, which is already known for less than quality things, has done something even worse.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? sink
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Sometimes the sink has been draining very slowly. Does this sound natural?
A: Sometimes the sink drains very slowly.
Q: think, sink Does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: The sink was designed so that a wheelchair user can push his/her legs under it. Does this sound natural?
A: the sink was designed so that a wheelchair user can put his /her legs under it

it sounds better
Q: Which one is correct "in the sink" or "on the sink"
A: In the sink. Because there is a space where the shape of the sink goes down. So the things are inside rather than "on top."
Q: 1.opportunity is like sink cost It never come back again
2. He's very Civill, he respects everyone even though he loves people who is ignored by public
3. You must be honest when you have trade with the other people
4. Real Gentle man is humble (modest), polite to everyone and polite
5. No mercy means not tolerant, not merciful Does this sound natural?
A: 1) I'm a bit confused as to what you were going for here, would you mind trying to explain?
2)He's very civil and respects everyone. Even the people who are ignored by the public.(You had that one for the most part :)
3)For the most part, this is correct. Just drop the have as you don't posses trade. Drop the "the" as well.
"You must be honest when you trade with other people."
4)Real gentlemen are humble, modest(Humbleness and modesty have differences, so no parenthesis are required.), and polite to everyone.(No need to mention politeness twice.)
5)"To lack mercy is to lack tolerance / To lack mercy is to lack tolerance, not mercy."

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