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Q: What does slang mean?
A: "Slang" is a phrase that is informal, and you only use with friends and family, or to offend someone. This link has a lot of good examples:
Q: What does slang mean?
A: Slang are the words used commonly by the people of a region but are not officially part of the dictionary.
E.g. That's dope man!
Q: What does slang words mean?
A: Each country/city or just culture has it's own words to express something. They are not formal.
Q: What does slang words mean?
A: Slang words are words that are informal.
Ex: Busted means Ugly, Bae means before anyone else
Q: What does the slang 'lit' mean?
A: "It's lit" is used to describe an exciting event,usually a party where everyone is having a great time. So someone would say it's lit, to tell other people that it's definitely the place to be. I use it with my friends.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Please teach me some American slangs..
A: She's a ten. (Meaning she is the ideal type of whoever said that.)
That was lit. (Meaning that was very cool or good.)
This song is fire\ This song bops. (Meaning this is a very good song.)
Q: Please show me example sentences with I need some slangs to use with my friends .
A: Tight — meaning close. Example: Me and ____ are tight.
Lit — meaning great, amazing, etc. Example: This party’s lit.
Aight — meaning alright. Instead of saying alright most people say aight.
GOAT — meaning (G) Greatest (O) Of (A) All (T) Time. GOAT. Example: You’re the GOAT.
Q: Please show me example sentences with slang - (could you give me some examples?).
A: Nowadays, I don't often understand the slang spoken among the teens.
American slang is quite different to British slang.

Some acronyms:
DIY = do it yourself (e.g DIY projects)
lmao = laughing my ass off
lol = laughing out loud
brb = be right back
btw = by the way
IRL = in real life

Lighten up — To relax and take things too seriously
Bail — leaving abruptly
Screw up — To make a mistake, i.e. mess up.
Uptight — The opposite of relaxed.
Spill the Beans — Tell secret information
Ride Shotgun — To sit in the seat next to the driver
The cold shoulder — Deliberately ignoring someone.

Some Other Words:
dat = that
lil = little
luv = love
freakin = f*ckin
legit = (when being honest, straight forward) truth
dope = cool
Q: Please show me example sentences with cheap as a slang.
A: "Man, my mom is so cheap. She bought the least expensive phone she could find and it's the worst!"
"That was a cheap move! You dirty cheater!"
Q: Please show me example sentences with slangs used in USA .
A: A buck - one American dollar (I only have a buck)
Bail - to leave abruptly (Dude I gotta bail)
Feeling blue - to fell sad/depressed (I'm feeling really blue)
Creep - a strange person (Did you see that guy staring at you?! He's such a creep.)
For real - to state that your win honest (Dude in serious for real! That actually happened!)
The cold shoulder - a term when someone is ignoring someone deliberately (Joe is giving you the cold shoulder.)
Hyped - very excited (In so hyped for the new legend of Zelda game!)
Piece of cake - saying something was easy (That chem test was a piece of cake!)
Chem - Chemistry

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Q: What is the difference between slang and taboo ?
A: Taboo is something you're not supposed to say or do at all.
Slang is a word or phrase that's OK to *say* in *spoken* informal English, but you're not supposed to write it.

For example:

In every country, it's taboo to marry your own brother or sister. It's something that is just never acceptable to most people.
The word "gonna" is slang. It's OK to say it in informal English, but you should write "going to".
Q: What is the difference between this slang is used only during close friends and this slang is used only between close friends ?
A: Hope that helps
Q: What is the difference between slang and limgo ?
A: Slang is limited to what language you are speaking, while lingo(?) is more specific to something, for example, games.
Q: What is the difference between slang and dialect ?
A: English slang are words that are popular to use among a certain group of people. Slang if very informal and are used more in speech than writing.
Dialect is the way of speaking in a certain region. It is still the same language but there are a few differences. For example, in Korea there are many dialects, the most well-known being Seoul and Busan.

It was lit.
(it was awesome)

Sauce me the ball.
(pass me the ball)
Q: What is the difference between slang and idiom ?
A: Normal: That is they way things sometimes work out.

Slang: That ain't the way you wanted it.

Idiom: that's the way the cookie crumbles

Slang: not proper English, but accepted. Used with friends and family.

Idiom: a saying with another meaning.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Please teach me the slang of "I like you" or the slang of "I love you" or the slang of "Thank you"
A: I ❤ U
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? "Bogus!" means "bad" or "unfair" as a slang term?
A: I wish people said it more often! Good luck in your learning!
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? "Bogus!" means "bad" or "unfair" as a slang term?
A: @I-Like-Ike It means fake or not real, e.g. a 'bogus insurance claim' but some people use it in a slang form to mean 'that's bad or unfair', especially in US English. The slang form would be said in an exaggerated manner.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? slang
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? ‘여자를 꼬시다‘ (slang)
A: I think it's: To pick up a girl.

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Q: I just heard the slang "this is bananas", that means, this is crazy. I like it, and I would like to use it. It sounds good? Do native speakers usually use it?
A: I don't really hear people saying It that often. But sometimes when you're with friends someone might say it when something happens.
Q: Could you teach me some slangs or expressions that you use every day?
A: legit = legitimate. And it basically adds emphasis. I legit cannot think of a single example.

Using LIKE instead of SAID. This has been around for a long time and doesn't seem to be going away.

The text book: I said I would go with him.
Real world: I was like sure I'll go with him.
Q: What are some slang words only people in the UK use and what do they mean?
A: Aye - Yes
Jammy - "They're so Jammy, they won the lottery."
Dinney - Don't
Widney - wouldn't
ken - Know
tae - to/2/too
fae - From
Q: I've come across some British slang expressions online and I wanted to know how accurate they are. Do you still use those?

- Bob's your uncle
- Being a big girl's blouse
- Gordon Bennett
- To faff
- I went arse over tit
- Speaking codswallop
A: Bob's your uncle - Still used fairly often, but often ironically or in other versions like 'Bob's your mother's brother'. Old-fashioned but cute.

Being a big girl's blouse - still used, but probably by older people.

Gordon Bennett - I've heard it used, but not very often. It was kind of a catchphrase on a 1980's sitcom, Only Fools & Horses, and most people I've heard use it, say it with that accent as a reference to the TV show.

To faff - I use this pretty frequently. "Stop faffing about and hurry up!"

Arse-over-tit - more vulgar version of head-over-heels, which is common. I've both used it and heard it used, but it's only suitable in familiar (and sweary) company, because there is a more common 'clean' version, you know?

Speaking codswallop - Really old fashioned, I don't remember ever using it or hearing it used - except maybe by a friend of my grandparents. :P
Q: is slang used freely or will it sounds rude?
A: It depends on the slang and who you are talking to

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