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Q: What does (Some subway system) ya got there. mean?
A: A sarcastic way of saying "That is an impressive subway system you have!"
Q: What does I couldn't hear you over the subway mean?
A: The subway was too loud, so it was hard for him/her to hear.
Q: What does subway mean?
A: Subway is a sandwich shop
And also an Underground Railroad :)
Q: What does What is subway slashing? What does it mean slashing? mean?
A: "slashing" = attack with a knife
subway slashing = attack with a knife on the subway
Q: What does Why don't you take the subway? mean?
A: Yes it is polite.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with the subway.
A: “can you show me where the subway is?”
“do you take the subway?”

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Q: What is the difference between subway and metro ?
A: There is no difference. However, each city that has a rapid transit system will call it one or the other almost exclusively. In France it is always metro, for example. In England, they call it "The Tube."
Q: What is the difference between subway and metro ?
A: I believe they are the same thing, but I am unsure because in the UK we use neither. Instead we say "the tube" or "the underground" as that is what we call our subway/metro system in London.
Q: What is the difference between subway and metro ?
A: Oh yes I forgot about this one !
Tube is informal british and underground is more formal/polite british
Q: What is the difference between subway and metro ?
A: I might have gotten my words mixed up. I asked the train experts (my parents).. so both Subway and Metro train stations are underground. They are located and transports to whichever big city theyre closest too. My train that I'm familiar with goes both ways; above and underground. So basically they're the same thing. I use the term Metro cause that's what I'm familiar with. You can use any term, "I think I'll take the Subway today." or "What time does the Metra train come?" I'm sure people will know what you're talking about either way!
Hope I didn't confuse you. 😅🙈
Q: What is the difference between subway and metro ?
A: In strictest usage, a metro is a type of train with frequent services, stops that are close together, and typically single-deck carriages with few seats. Metros don't have to be underground - in fact, the Dubai Metro is entirely elevated.

Subways are trains that are underground.

Translations of "Subway"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)?
지하철(역)이 깨끗한 편인가요???

How to say English

"is this subway clean???"

is right
A: Is the subway station clean?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? わたしはよくランチにsubwayにいきます!😋野菜(やさい)がたくさんたべれるし、ヘルシーなので、ダイエットには最適(さいてき)です😁
A: I often go to subway for lunch! Because you can eat a lot of vegetables and it is healthy, it is ideal for diets.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? (subway store) 야채는 오이빼고 다 넣어주세요
A: 흠...사고 싶을 때요?
Please add all the vegetables except the cucumber.
Please put in all the vegetables except the cucumber.

or even

I'll take all the vegetables except the cucumber.

그게 하고 싶은 말인가요?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? it is so convenient to live closely to a subway
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Вчера мы случайно встретились в метро. We happened to meet each other in the subway yesterday. (?) Yesterday we met by chance in the subway. (?) Yesterday we accidentally met in the subway. (?)
A: They are all correct translations but I think the first two sound more natural in English. You could also say "We ran into each other in/on the subway"

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Q: Where is the nearest subway station? Does this sound natural?
Q: When it came to get off a subway, I realized that I forgot to bring my umbrella. Does this sound natural?
A: You're almost right! - "When it came time to get off the subway, I realized I had forgotten to bring my umbrella."
Q: I'm on the subway to my home. Does this sound natural?
A: Your sentence implies that the subway train will stop at your house/home, so...
Here are some more natural alternatives:
--> "I'm on the subway home"
--> "I'm on the subway, on my way home"
--> "I'm on my way home on the subway"

Hope this helps!
Q: I normally take a subway to work almost around at 8o'clock in the morning. Does this sound natural?
A: @tomm: The sentence would be more fluent if you said it this way.

"I normally take a subway to work around 8 O'clock in the morning.
Q: I go to subway station using by bus
I take subway train of number 2 line Does this sound natural?
A: I go to THE subway station by bus and take the number 2 line. (In some cities like New York you can say the number 2 train).

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