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Q: What does supply run mean?
A: A supply run is a trip made for the purpose of acquiring something essential. ex: "i made a supply run to the store and bought all my food for the week."
Q: What does "supply" mean?
A: @aria0409 to furnish.
Q: What does write for a fresh supply mean?
A: "fresh supply" means more of something.

"I'm going to the shop for a fresh supply of writing paper."
Q: What does handy supply of products mean?
A: I think it means an amount of useful and easily accessible products.

"A Swiss Army Knife is a handy product"

"There is a handy supply of towels in the closet" (I don't think that I would ever say something like this though)
Q: What does “Need supplies so I can eat myself into a sugar coma.” mean?
A: Yes, he is going to eat many sweets. "eat myself into a coma" or "a food coma" is a funny non-literal phrase used when someone is exaggerating how much food they ate / are going to eat. Not a phrase used very often in normal conversation.

Example sentences using "Supply"

Q: Please show me example sentences with supplies .
A: Go get the supplies for me please.
Can you get me some supplies for painting?
Go help them get the supplies for this project.
Q: Please show me example sentences with supply.
A: I will supply your store with fresh seafood.

I think Game Stop just got a new supply of games.
Q: Please show me example sentences with how to use supply and supplies? supply to(place)/supply for(place)? is daily supply or daily supplies.
A: He supplies the school with pencils.

This is the supply of pencils for the school.
Q: Please show me example sentences with supplies.
A: I'm going to buy school supplies. (meaning pens, pencils, etc.)

The government supplies food to those who can't afford to buy it. (provides/gives)
Q: Please show me example sentences with in short supply (供不应求?).
A: Towels were in short supply, rooms needed quick cleaning, and Cynthia, Maria, and Dean had their hands full.

She opened the cupboards and glanced over her meager supply of canned goods.
Here are some example sentences. Personally, I don't use the phrase "in short supply" much, so I don't know many

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Q: What is the difference between supply and increase and improve and upgrade ?
A: @Esmy02
“He increased the volume of his music.” (He turned up the volume of the music)

“He improved his drawing skills by practicing.” (He got better at the skill by practicing.)

“He upgraded his phone by buying a newer model with more features.” (He got a different phone with more features.)

“The catering was supplied by the mother of the bride.” (The food was purchased or obtained by the mother of the bride.)

“A: Doctor! We are running out of supplies.
B: Don’t worry, the Red Cross is supplying us with more bandages later today.”
(Supplies- anything that required for a job.
Supply- to provide or give )
Q: What is the difference between supply and provide ?
A: Supply is usually for tangible things.

The rescuers supplied me with food and medicine.

If you are willing to help me paint my house, I will supply the paint, the paintbrushes, and coverings for your clothes and hair.

Provide can be for tangible or intangible things.

She provided me with food and shelter until I found a job.

Friends provide comfort and hope during difficult times like this quarantine.
Q: What is the difference between supply and supplement and supplementation ?
A: 1. Supply = verb (to make something available to someone)
eg. "The farm supplies apples"
2.Supplement = noun (something that is added to another to make it complete)
eg. "He has vitamin supplements"
could also be a verb
ex. "I took a part-time job to supplement my income"
3.Supplementation = noun (the act itself of adding something to another)
eg. "Due to iron supplementation, you may stop feeling fatigued"
Q: What is the difference between electrical supply and demand and electricity supply and demand ?
A: Electrical supply and demand sounds more natural. If you wanted to use the word electricity, I’d say “The supply and demand of electricity.”

Electrical is an adjective, which describes the supply and demand of electricity.

Electricity is a noun, and cant be used the same way.

Hope this helped!
Q: What is the difference between to supply and to provide ?
A: we supply substance material things
we provide clue knowledge fact answer light things

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 補充營養的動詞要用甚麼
take? provide? supply?
A: "Take" means 服用 and is fine for most purposes.

"Supplement" is 補充 and it's a clearer and more accurate term, but less common/more formal.

"Provide" usually describes foods that have those nutrients: "this cereal provides 80% of you daily vitamin D needs."
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? in short supply
PS:When reading fast,is the“t” sound cancelled by “s”?
A: 不,我们只是说"ts"快些。
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? If the military supplies supplied by the US military are sold to the local residents of and it is traded between residents, what is the item how called it?
A: we have stores that sell extra military gear called 'surplus' stores. (army surplus, navy surplus, etc.)
I don't know if that's exactly what you mean though...
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? supply
A: maybe try suh-pull-i
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? supplies
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: The higher the supply, the lesser the price. Does this sound natural?
A: × The higher the supply, the lesser the price.
✓ The higher the supply, the lower the price. Or The more supply, the lower the price.

Q: How much of supply can you send us? Does this sound natural?
A: However, if there is more than one type of thing being offered, it could be: "how much of each supply can you send us?"
Q: Please show me how to pronounce present , pleasant
heard , hard
hear , here
surprise , supplies
very , vary
A: hearとhereの発音は同じだよ。
Q: We left our supplies unattended at the office,
So that someone else pilfered them. Does this sound natural?
A: We left our supplies unattended at the office,
then someone else took them.
Q: I have been acting like I’ve got an unlimited supply.
What does this sentence mean?
What does unlimited supply mean?
What does the speaker act?
A: Unlimited supply of energy.

It means the person is acting like they can continue doing what they're doing forever.

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