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Q: What does she tabled the exploratory surgery until she was trained to do it. mean?
A: That means she decided not to go forward with it until she developed adequate skill to perform it with competence and confidence.
Q: What does barring surgery mean?
A: barring ~ = with the exception of ~; unless ~ happens

barring surgery = unless surgery happens; with the exception of surgery
Q: What does (He was told after his surgery that he could not hike anymore. ) I’m not sure that’s sunken in quite yet. mean?
A: He doesn't believe that the truth. Reality hasn't "sunken in" yet. He believes the doctor was lying.
Q: What does open-heart surgery mean?
A: @luqiang Yeah this is definitely not used literally. Open heart surgery is opening someone's chest to work on their heart. For example if a valve is leaking or a wall needs replaced.

This sentence is saying she's doing a ton of things at once. She's probably not painting the ceiling, and she's DEFINITELY not doing open-heart surgery. That would require the surgeon's full attention.

Example sentences using "Surgery"

Q: Please show me example sentences with how was your surgery?.
A: How did your surgery go?
Did your surgery go well?
How was your surgery?
Was your surgery all good?
Q: Please show me example sentences with surgery.
A: I have to get surgery on my back next Tuesday.

How was the surgery?

The surgery didn't go well.

I'm still recovering from my surgery.

Synonyms of "Surgery" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between I'm going to dental surgery tomorrow. and I have a dental surgery tomorrow ?
A: None.
Except that for the first sentence, it's set that you are going to the dental surgery, for the second, you don't necessarily have to go.
Q: What is the difference between surgery and operation ?
A: Surgery is a medical term for treatment that involves cutting open the patient‘s body.
Operation can be used as synonym for surgery but it also used in different context like mathematical operations, military operations, business operations etc.
Q: What is the difference between The surgery she has been waiting her whole life for is in just three days. and The surgery she has been waiting for her whole life is in just three days. ?
A: The first sentence is correct.

The second sentence is almost correct. --> The surgery she has been waiting for for her whole life is in just three days.

The meaning is the same, though. There is no difference.
Q: What is the difference between surgery and operation ?
A: Though surgery and operation can mean the same thing, surgery really only means one thing, while operation can mean a lot of different things. Surgery is almost always medical, but there are many kinds of operations, like military or business operations.

My aunt is having surgery next week.

My aunt is having an operation next week.

They mean the same thing, but surgery means that it's definitely medical.
Q: What is the difference between surgery and procedure ?
A: Good question! I work in the medical field, and I think medical people often use the words interchangeably.

But if I were to have to decide the difference between them, it would be this: Surgery is a procedure that involves the use of an incision.

He had surgery to remove his appendix through an incision in his abdomen.
He had a procedure where a catheter was put into his bladder.

Translations of "Surgery"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 성형했었네
1.she obviously got plastic surgery
2.she got obviously plastic surgery
Does it matter if the location of obviously either way?
A: Yes, it does. First one sounds natural and makes sense, second one doesn't.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 手術は無事に終わりました。I normally say "The surgery has finely finished". But if there is more better way or pollite way to tell the patient's familly, please tell me.
A: "The surgery was completed without any issues." would be how I would say it.

I would translate 無事 as safely, without issue. "Finely" is used more with cooking, like "finely diced onions", not usually used for surgeries :)
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? surgery
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? gender-affirming surgery
A: I have never heard anyone say this. Must be something new. What I think you are trying to say is "Gender re-assignment surgery", which is also known as a "sex change". it is the process of surgically changing a man into a woman or a woman into a man.
I'll speak both for you...
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? surgery successful rhi.
A: surgery was successful

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Q: This surgeries debuting that after world war I and the second, thousands of soldiers returned distorted their faces and it was necessary to conduct operations for them, but it turned from correction deformation. And this is " distortion of thought ". Does this sound natural?
A: That's a tough paragraph. Here's a little help.

Advances in plastic surgery increased dramatically after the First and Second World War. Due to the thousands of soldiers returning from the war with injuries, surgery which dealt with the correction of deformity was needed. This is an example of distortion of thought.
Q: If the surgery won't be done, the patient would die (is it correct? If not, please, correct mistakes😊) Does this sound natural?
A: 'can't be done' implies that there is not way to do it.
I think in your context, 'isn't done' is the best choice.
So, 'if the surgery isn't done, the patient will die'
Q: I hope very much that the surgery was made well, without any unexpected complication, as it was should, and now your recovering is going as it should be. Does this sound natural?
A: Я не совсем понимаю, что Вы хотели сказать, но
I DO hope that the surgery (скорее всего) INTERVENTION(вмешательство) was made well without any unexpected complication as it HAD TO be done & now you'll get well/ recover as soon as possible.
Q: I'm glad to hear that your surgery went well. Does this sound natural?
A: It is technically correct, but there are too many unnecessary words for it to sound natural. Try, "I'm glad your surgery went well."
Q: I think that it is not okay to get cosmetic surgery just to look nice.
Of course, that may give those people who want to change their face or body confidence.
However, at the same time, that can put those people in danger.
In addition, the changed parts can get out of shape and become unnatural over time.
So I think you shouldn't do on impulse. Does this sound natural?
A: @yuka_jp: Correction: I think you shouldn't do it/that/ plastic surgery on an impulse. Everything beyond that sentence is great.

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