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Q: What does Teachers are not necessarily clever.

Teachers are not at all stupid. mean?
it means teacher are not always clever. Some teachers are clever, others are not.
Q: What does Teachers have to make sure they do not help one individual without giving the same information to all students. mean?
A: It means "교사는 모든 학생에게 동일한 정보를 제공해야하며 한 개인을 돕지 않아야합니다." (sorry I'm a beginner to Korean language and I don't know whether this is right)
Q: What does Teachers said we'd never make it out alive mean?
A: Учитель сказал, что мы не выживем.
We’d never make it out alive = We wouldn’t survive the experience
Q: What does Teachers of English are required to teach not English as a general linguistic phenomenon. mean?
A: This sentence looks like it requires additional text for context.
As it is right now, it is not a proper sentence.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Teachers greeting students.
A: thank you for your kind answer

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Q: What is the difference between Teachers' Day and Teacher's Day ?
A: teachers's day --> plural
teacher's day --> singular

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? Teachers who are Chinese and who teach English in China. Can I say “Chinese English teacher”? Or “Chinese teacher of English” ? Or?
A: Thank you so much!!!!
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Teachers teaching the 1st grade:
Is it "teachers of the 1st grade" ,"teachers for the 1st grade" or something simpler?
A: From my experience, it would be a 1st-grade teacher, 2nd-grade teacher, 3rd-grade teacher, and so on.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Teachers have to be a source of good influence.
Teachers have to be a good insparation.

Sounds natural? are they same meaninig?
A: both are correct and similar, but it’s not insparation, it is inspiration. Besides that it’s all good!

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Q: Teachers always tell us to study, I know study is good for us, but they do not use the right way! They keep teaching even we are not understand. Does this sound natural?
A: "Teachers always tell us to study, I know studying is beneficial for us, but they don't teach correctly. They keep teaching even though we can not understand. "
Q: Teachers from bachillerato differ in the use of technology. They use technology, but they face some limitations.
The first problem is that teachers know how to use the different applications in order to teach their students, but the poor connection of it makes impossible to use it properly. The second problem that some institutions have internet, but they do not allow the use of it to their students. The main reason of why is that is because they think that students get distracted by it and as a result they do not pay attention to class.
Does this sound natural?
A: some small improvements would just be 'the poor connection makes it impossible to properly use', 'the second problem is that some institutions do have internet' and 'the main reason is because they think students get distracted'
Q: Teachers in school don't usually allow chattery in class. as for uni teachers, they don't mind it as much. Does this sound natural?
A: University teacher would make more sense instead of just Uni
Q: 'Teachers don't remember all students But all students remember all teachers" Does this sound natural?
A: Teachers don't remember all of their students, but students remember all of their teachers"
Q: Teachers have a huge impact wether a student/pupil understands maths

...or not.

Do I have to write 'or not' in a "wether...or..." expression? Or can it be dropped? Does this sound natural?
A: Teachers have a huge impact on whether a student understands math or not. ( I would clarify by saying "A teacher's ability to teach...")

Yes you can drop the "or not" in a "whether..or" expression.

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