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Q: What does What are you up to thesedays? mean?
A: it mean "what have you been doing lately/recently"

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Q: Please show me example sentences with what are you up to thesedays?.
A: “Long time no see! What are you up to these days?”

“Hey! What are you up to these days?”

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Q: What is the difference between thesedays and recently ?
A: Difference:
Thesedays is present
Recently is past

More Details:
Thesedays refers to a generic period of time including now and the recent past
Recently is the past but not very long ago
Q: What is the difference between thesedays, nowadays and recently and lately ?
A: Nowadays and these days go farther back in the past and also project into the future. They are used to describe things that are contemporary, and may apply to a person or an entire society. They describe the time periods of trends, fashions, etc.

Recently and lately do not go far back into the past. And they might not imply anything about the future. They are typically used to describe a subjective experience, opinion, behavior, observation etc. They are used to talk about a personal or business matter. Or it can be used to talk about specific political issues.

I've had an ulcer lately and shouldn't eat any pizza tonight.
The economy has recently taken a turn for the worse.

You asked a tough question. There is a lot of overlap in these words. Sometimes they can be used interchangeably. I can only describe generalizations about how they are typically used. Sorry if it isn't clear. But don't worry because English doesn't always make perfect sense to us native speakers. I'm still learning English and I'm at least half way through my life. :)

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? where are you thesedays?

in dino mn ap kaha'n hain?

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Q: "I'm commited to studying English thesedays. All I do thesedays is study it every day." Does this sound natural?
A: "I'm commited to studying English, so I will study every day."
Q: what are you doing thesedays?
not much Does this sound natural?
A: Good work!
Q: thesedays, my kid got it all over me.

the sentence means "my kid is in control of me/my kid is smarter than me".

but here.... what does "it" stand for?
A: @tjstkdn these days, my kid has been all over me" is better
Q: "I barely fall asleep thesedays." Does this sound natural?
A: I think adding "can" will make it sound a bit better :)

"I can barely fall asleep these days."
Q: Where are you staying thesedays? Do you still live in Tongyoung? Does this sound natural?
A: there is a space between 'these' and 'days', im not sure if you made a typo or if you spelt it like that but I just thought to point it out :)

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