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Q: What does Three and a half thousand. Does this mean 3500 or 35000? mean?
A: It is 3,500 because three and a half thousand can be expressed as 3.5K which would be 3,500. I honestly prefer to say three thousand five hundred to give a person the exact number.
Q: What does Three fish swim on by. mean?
A: Three fish swim by.

"on by" is just a way to give the swimming a leisurely/relaxed feeling.

"She walked on by." - She walked by.
"I strolled on by." - I strolled by.
"The feather floated on by." - The feather floated by.

To say "on by" just gives it a more relaxed feeling, like it's happening at a leisurely pace.

Q: What does Three teenagers sentenced to 16 years in total in young offenders institute for "savage attack" on man at an Oldham tram stop mean?
A: The 3 teens will do their 16 years at the facility. (The young offenders institute)

The reason why they were sentenced was because the attack was so savage/so barbaric, especially for teenagers.

It took place at the Oldham tram/bus stop.

It’s 16 years in total. So maybe one of the boys is serving more time than the other 2?
Q: What does Three of them jumped on merry-go-round horses and the fourth started the motor. Then he jumped on too and round they went. mean?
A: Merry-go-rounds spin in circles. "Round they went" is the writer saying (in a whimsical manner) they rode in circles.

If you would like to get more technical, round should actually be 'round, which is an elision.

around = 'round
Q: What does Three strikes and you’re out. mean?
A: You get three chances and then you fail/lose/can't try again.

3つのチャンスある。 そしてそのチャンスを全部使ったら、失敗する/負ける/もっとチャンスがない。

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Q: What is the difference between Three days back and Three days back ago and Two days before yesterday ?
A: "Three days back" and "three days back ago" are both wrong. "Two days before yesterday" is unnecessarily confusing. We just say "three days ago."
Q: What is the difference between Three, make a right at the end of the hall. and Three, turn right at the end of the hall. ?
A: They can both be used interchangeably. Maybe "make a right" is a little less imperative, but I don't think think it's a difference worth thinking about.
Q: What is the difference between Three Frenchmen and Three French people ?
A: frenchmen est peu utilisé aujourd'hui. il ne signifie que des hommes. désormais on utilise french people/men/women/children/boys/girls etc
Q: What is the difference between come along ( Three buses came along at the same time.) and come along (We're going to the zoo. Do you want to come along?) ?
A: first one, the buses came together and the second one is the same, but in a way like do you want to join us?
Q: What is the difference between Three baggages and Three pieces of baggage ?
A: Baggage is uncountable so we can't say three baggages.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Three kinds of decorative plants are in my living room for a long time,more than ten years. They were in danger of withering because their roots had gotten more than the their vases could accommodate .
So I decreased their roots and replanted them.
A: I have three kinds of decorative plants in my living room for around ten years, and I realized that the vases they used is too small for their roots, so i decided to purne their roots and replant them into the vases again.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Three times daily , pretty please!
✳︎What does pretty means ? That much?
This is from the kids song “Mac and cheese “
A: "pretty please" is a cute and childish way of saying "please". It doesn't have a well-defined meaning, it just makes it sound more cute, funny, or exaggerated. It is pretty normal to hear it in a kids song.

Sometimes people say "pretty please with sugar on top". It's really emphatic and it means you *really* want the thing you are asking for. It kind of sounds like childish begging. Because it is childish, sometimes people use it for humor, sarcasm, or to be annoying.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Which is correct for 3? Three or tree??
A: Three
not tree🎄
Q: How do you say this in English (US)?
(I can't pronounce the "TH")
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? Three
A: hope this is helpful?

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Q: Three years is so a long time. Does this sound natural?
A: three years is (such) a long time (present)

threes years were such a long time(past)
Q: Three new employees came yesterday, so I can use more paid vacation from this month. 

Does this sound natural?
A: "Three new employees were hired yesterday, so that means I can take more paid vacation this month."
Q: 「三人の警察がヘリコプターに乗っていました。」という文書は、「Three polices on board a helicopter.」と、「Three polices got on a helicopter」のどちらが正しいですか?どちらも間違っていますか?
A: You can say:

Three policemen rode in a helicopter.

There were three policemen on-board a helicopter.

Three policemen boarded a helicopter.
Q: Three people were talking about their jobs and how they spend their spare time when one said to the other ''I know you've been working on this project for almost 30 years, and please, I don't want to date you.

What does ''I don't want to date you'' mean in this sentence?

A: The "date" in this sentence actually refers to the time-related version of date. This person is saying that they don't want to imply that the other person is old, or something along those lines, by mentioning that they've been working on the project for 30 years.
Q: Three weeks of the summer cours was very pleasant for me Three weeks very quickly passed Thank you for all of my friends I'll miss you guys
See you Does this sound natural?
A: It should be:

Three weeks of the summer course was very pleasant for me. Three weeks passed very quickly. (You could've even said "It passed very quickly" to reduce repetition). To all of my friends, thank you. I'll miss you guys.

Otherwise, good job! ^^ I hope I helped :)

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