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Q: What does it's toll mean?
A: When something takes its toll it’s like saying “if something happens you must let it happen” or if something happens, it can’t be stopped or it has changed for the better or for worse.
Q: What does "It took a toll on me" mean?
A: Significa que algo te afectó o desgastó de forma física, emocional o anímica
Q: What does "It took a toll on me" mean?
A: It was very difficult, maybe I will die sooner because of all the stress it caused.
Q: What does takes a heavy toll on me mean?
A: If something "takes a heavy toll on you" or "takes a lot out of you" it is emotionally and/or physically exhausting. My friend nursed her mother through Alzheimer's, and that took a very heavy toll on her.
Q: What does it takes a real toll mean?
A: It has a major effect on whatever your talking about.

"That bad car crash took a real toll on me"

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Q: Please show me example sentences with take one’s toll on.
A: ・"Humanitarian work is difficult. It'll take its toll on you."
・"You look awful. I guess the stress is taking its toll on you."
・"When I was younger I thought I could eat whatever I wanted, but now my body is starting to take its toll."
Q: Please show me example sentences with toll.
A: 1. Do you have coins for the toll booth?
2. Take the next exit so we don't have to pay the toll.
3. The tolls help pay for road matinence.
4. You need to pay the toll to ride the ferry.
Q: Please show me example sentences with toll.
A: Taking its Toll - pasando factura

Being stuck inside with this lockdown is really taking its toll on his mental health.//Estar atrapado en la casa está pasando factura sobre su salud mental

The global economic recession is certainly taking its toll//sin duda la recesión económica global está pasando factura.

Q: Please show me example sentences with toll.
A: " You have to pay a toll to cross over the bridge"

" Moving boxes every day at work has taken a toll on my body."
Q: Please show me example sentences with take a toll on.
A: - That test really took a toll on me.
- If you work too hard it will take a toll on you.
-I need a break, this is taking a toll on me.

Synonyms of "Toll" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between toll and casualty ?
A: Casualty generally means that something has been 'hurt'.

There were two causalities in the traffic accident.

There is also an expression, "casualties of war" which refers to all the people and property that was lost in the fighting.

The word toll is used in a few ways. There is one usage of 'toll' which can be similar to casualties, but it is normally used when there have been many causalities--not a small number.

The death toll from the typhoon has surpassed one thousand.

However, toll generally refers to the *cost* of something. I don't mean price though. Let me give more examples...

The pandemic has taken a toll on the job market.

The sentence would mean that because of the pandemic, there are not as many jobs available.

Lastly, there are also "toll roads", which are roads in which you must pay money if you want to use it. However, this usage of the word toll would only apply if a person was mentioning a road.
Q: What is the difference between toll and toll price ?
A: Toll can mean that something is taking a lot of energy/effort or can drain you. Toll price is something you pay. For example:

1st toll: working every day and not resting can take a toll on you and make you sick.

2nd toll: certain roads require you to pay a toll in order to drive on it.
Q: What is the difference between toll road and toll way ?
A: I've never heard "toll way".

Translations of "Toll"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? takes toll on
A: "takes toll on" in english is spoken as the following.
hope this helps.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? There is no toll (charge). Is this natural sentence? What about There is free toll? If you have any general sentences, let me know :) Thank you :)
A: ‹There is no toll › is natural
But ‹There is free toll› doesn't really make sense.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? There is no toll. Is that natural sentence?
A: There is no toll.

That seems natural to me.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? متى استخدم toll و long
A: اولا هي tall وليست toll
ثانيا معناها طويل وتستخدم لوصف الشخص العاقل مثلا
He is tall
اما long معناها طويل ايضا ولكن تستخدم لوصف الغير عاقل مثل
The ruler is long
Ruler = مسطرة

Other questions about "Toll"

Q: what does "the toll elder care takes on families" mean?
A: The above sentence's usage of toll is referring to the stress that families go through caring for loved ones when they get old enough to need regular or perhaps constant assistance.

I think some families can handle the care better because they have more family members or sometimes more savings. Savings would help them by either offering them the ability to take more time off work to be with their loved ones or hire assistants.

Some families are smaller, or they could have less funds which would make care harder for them. They might need to work because money is tight, and if money is tight they might not be able to hire anyone to help.
Q: what does "the toll elder care takes on family" mean?🤔🤔🤔
A: "To take a toll on something" means to damage or harm it.
Q: I paying for my new toll Does this sound natural?
A: i'm paying for my new toy
Q: how much is the toll fee? Does this sound natural?
A: You can also just say, "How much is the toll?"
Q: Being hesitant takes a heavy toll on me because I would spend a lot of time gathering information in order to make a decision. Does this sound natural?
A: Grammatically talking, you did great, but would be more natural to say: "Being hesistant makes me overthink, especially when I have to take a decision." In my perspective this would be more accurate and casual ^^

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