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Q: What does travelholic mean?
A: the meaning is that the person is "addicted to travel". For your reference, an "alcoholic" is addicted to alcohol. So whatever you use with "Holic" means you're an addict. Examples: "workaholic"

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Q: What is the difference between travelholic and avid traveller ?
A: ‘Avid traveler’ is completely natural to say. ‘Travelholic’ is a playful way to say that you travel a lot (maybe too much). ‘Travelholic is not commonly used.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Try to quit my travelholic
A: I could record the words, but I don’t understand what you want to say. Are you trying to separate yourself from a travelholic companion? Trying to stop being a travelholic yourself? Or something else? 用中文,你想做什么?

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