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Q: What does Come on, baby.Stop trippin'.

what means stop trippin'? mean?
A: "Trippin' " is a slang word that usually means you are acting a fool or thinking crazy thoughts.
Q: What does ‘are you trippin?’ mean?
A: It's like asking "are you high on drugs right now" (not literally) you say it when someone says or is doing something that makes no sense or you can say it to yourself when you thought something was some way but it's not.

"Am I tripping or did that guy just walk through the wall"

"Am I tripping or did you just say the bread is gone"

"The derivative of e^x is xe^x" "na you're trippig, the derivative of e^x is e^x"

Q: What does Yeah we trippin we stoopid like errbody else Well so be it the time goes on anyway mean?
A: "Yes. We're talking crazy and stupid like everyone else. Well, that's the way it is. Time will continue on no matter how we are." ... この感じ

Q: What does you be trippin mean?
A: You are behaving like you are crazy or oblivious.
Q: What does quit trippin' mean?
A: "To trip" means to space/zone out,to talk nonsense. For example:
Hey,are you listening to me,man? - Yeah, sorry, I was tripping (spacing out = daydreaming)
Don't put the baby on fire! Are you tripping?! (Are you crazy?)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with trippin.
A: i don’t use that word, but here are some examples!

yo you’re trippin
did that happen, or am i trippin?
stop trippin
Q: Please show me example sentences with trippin out .
A: it means the camera is acting stragely
Q: Please show me example sentences with trippin'.
A: It would really depend on the context of the situation. It can be taken to mean that the object is acting unusual, harsh, or foolish.

"My teacher gave me so much homework this weekend, she's trippin!"

"What? You're breaking up with me for her? You must be trippin!"

"My friend came into work high, he must be trippin!"
Q: Please show me example sentences with trippin .
A: Trippin se usa en la misma manera como loco por lo comun pero menos fuerte.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? trippin
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? what is trippin
A: Being crazy

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Q: What does 'trippin' mean in this case?
A: Trippin is a slang and this scenario it is implying that the neighbor is mad. However, trippin can be used also to describe someone who is delusional
Q: what does (trippin) mean ?
A: trippin is slang for crazy or unreasonable.
Q: what it means that's trippin
A: "That's trippin" means that what you are talking about is either crazy, funny, or ridiculous.
Q: does "why you trippin" mean "why you overreacting"?
A: "why you trippin" is a slang term meaning "why are you upset" or "why are you overreacting". "trippin" could mean a few things based on context but usually it means something like "overreacting".
Q: what is chillin/chill, lit and trippin'?
A: @smell12: chillin/chill slang for relax
she is chillin at home
she is relaxing at home
she chills with her friends
she is hanging out with friends
lit means fire up upset or cool
the concert was lit
the concert was awesome
she was lit when she heard that comment
she was angry when she heard that comment
she was fire up when she heard the comment
trippin means you dont take them serious
she must be trippin
she must be joking right

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