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Q: What does ughh mean?
A: ugh is a sound to mean tired

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Q: how to write ughh jinjja aishh in korean
Q: ughh, again vans off the wall! i dont get it i just dont get it. is that explainable? :(
From what I've just read online, it seems that "off the wall" originally referred to skateboarding and to doing 'stunts' off the sides of disused, drained swimming pools. But now , since Vans has expanded and is popular outside of the skateboarding community too, the slogan "off the wall" has come to represent 'diversity' or 'individualism'.. This is what I understand from this article:
Q: ughh I need to buy a new phone, this crap gets hot so fast Does this sound natural?
A: natural até demais :)

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