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Q: What does 〜have negligible values the may be considered meaningless.

I do not understand the grammar of 「the may be」.
A: do you mean “that may be?”
it means that the “neglible values” has a possibility to be “meaningless”.

“may be” roughly means “possibility”
Q: What does educational values mean?
A: Yes, 教育的価値観 is perfect. Thank you for teaching me. So in your example, educational values has a list. There are three values: respect for universal fundamental ethical principles, social responsibility and good example (being a good example).
If there was only one, you would use "an educational value". I think maybe you are confusing the "have value" meaning with the "a value" meaning.

For example: My train pass has value to me. My train pass is a value to me.も大丈夫.

One of my values is to always be honest. Being nice to people is a value I hold.
Q: What does western values mean?
A: Western culture is usually referred to the culture/set of values practiced in the Americas/European region.

While Eastern culture is usually referred to as Asian philosophies/culture

Hope this answers your question
Q: What does Multiple values on the sides of an assignment is not only to functions. mean?
A: That looks correct, but I'm not fluent in Japanese, so I'm not 100% sure
I think the original sentence was worded in a confusing way. It means that it's not always "a,b = function()" and can also be something like "a,b = b,a"
Q: What does personal values and people are important to me I see the exception to the rule. mean?
A: personal values means in arabic: ikhlaq
that treating people kindly and repecting the morals is more important to me.

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Q: What is the difference between differing values and different values ?
A: My values and your values are different. (Just an observation.) Differing values means we are in a situation, where your values conflict with mine. It is like the French Revolution. Everyone was doing what he felt in his heart was the best for that country, but their differing values caused a conflict that tore the country into pieces.
Q: What is the difference between values and ethics ?
A: Values are personal, every person ca have different values, for example, family, hard work, honesty
Ethics it's not about the single person, it's more about principles and rules relating specific groups or fields, for example, for ethical motives a lot of scientists are against dna modifications, cause then
Q: What is the difference between learn various values and learn about various values ?
A: If the values here is referring to the moral kind, "learn various values" sounds like someone may have been taught and accepted the values of their parents, for example, where "learn about various values" might be taking a comparative religion class- I learned many interesting things that other people believe, whether I added any of them to my personal beliefs or not. Does that help?
Q: What is the difference between where are positive values coming from? and where are positive values from? ?
A: the first is better I guess.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 私は彼に似ていると思います。

I resemble him.
He sometimes acts weird and our values are very similar.

I think we have so much in common.
He acts crazy sometimes and I feel we think alike.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Their values and their parents' values are becoming simliar in the end.

Is it natural?

I don't know how to put "their parents' values".
I'd also like to know any other way of putting ""their parents' values".
A: Their and their parents’ values are becoming more and more similar
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? values cherished by an individual are felt by her to be threatened
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: I think values is should be changing gradually. Does this sound natural?
A: I think values should change gradually.
Q: He didn't acknowledge these values as his own. Does this sound natural?
A: 👍🏻
Q: Unlike from the last, people’s values are more forced on striking a balance between work and life in the present. Does this sound natural?
A: Unlike the past, people’s values are more forced on striking a work-life balance.

Forced isn't really a good word for this sentence.

It's better as...
Unlike the past, people’s values are more concentrated on a work-life balance.
Q: We are losing moral values.
However, even if we only teach our children proper morals and limit access to violent contents, great improvements will be made in the future. Does this sound natural?
A: We are losing moral values.
However, if only we would teach our children proper morals and limit their access to violent contents, there will be great improvements in the future.
Q: Why do you think that values are important ?
A: "Why do you think values are important?"

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