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Q: What does I wuv you

p.s I wonder the word ‘wuv’ means mean?
A: “Wuv” is not a real word.
It’s a slang term often used when texting and is meant to be a ‘cute’ way of saying “love”
Q: What does I wuv it mean?
A: I love it.

It is said with bad pronunciation to sound cute
Q: What does wuv you mean?
A: "wuv you" is cute/childish speak meaning "i love you"
It sounds very cute and sweet, and very informal. You'd only use this with romantic partners or close friends usually.
Q: What does I wuv you mean?
A: "wuv" is "love" but speaking like an infant
Q: What does I wuv you mean?
A: Basically, this is phrase is correctly spelled 'I love you' ,which means you really like a person and want him/her to be your partner. Especially on the Internet, many people tend to use that kind of intended mispellings to make a phrase sound cuter - for example, 'love' is often written 'luv' or 'wuv' in social media :)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with wuv .
A: Wuv isn’t really a word. Wuv is just a cute way to say “love” like “I love you” or “I’m in love with you”

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Q: What does mean "wuv"?

For exemples: "I wuv you!" Or "I wuv hugz!"

And also, what does mean "hugz" with "Z"? The correct would be "hugs", right?
A: It's just a cute way to say "love"

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