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Q: What does what mean XD,lmao, and lol? mean?
A: XD = 🤣(laughing)
Lmao = laughing my ass off
Lol = laughing out loud
Q: What does XD

××××××××× XD mean?
A: Yeah, its just a different one. :) is 🙂or could be 😊
Q: What does What does XD mean when i see a youtube comment. mean?
A: X 감은 눈
D 웃는 입
ㅋㅋㅋ이라고 말할때 연어로 lol 아니면 xD 써도 됍니다.
Q: What does Not XD mean?
A: It shows the person is joking and XD is a laughing face. It's usually used in texting. Here's an example conversation:
"I'm going to eat all your cookies. NOT! XD"
"If you did, I'd ground you for a week.😑"
Q: What does :) and XD mean?
A: :) = 笑顔
XD = 笑い

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Q: Please show me example sentences with XD.
A: It’s a laughing face.
Here’s a picture if you still don’t understand XD

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Q: What is the difference between XD and Lol ?
A: XD is just like a laughing face similar to someone squinting and laughing.While LOL means to laugh out loud.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? 本当です。僕は生まれてから一度も嘘をついたことがありません!
A: I swear! I've never lied once since I've been born!
Look into my eyes. Do these eyes look like the eyes of a liar?

Hope this helps!
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? XD
A: No es pronunciado. Es una emoticón en texto de una carita sonriente, como un 😁.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? XD
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? XD sounds cheerful yet awkward hehe
A: It sound good 👍🏻

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Q: How to use XD?
A: Sure!!

For example, when I say “no problem”, I can say it like “no problem XD”

More examples:

“It’s being a while XD how have you been?”

You can also use it by itself like “lol”, to show that you find something funny

“I almost dropped my phone just then, it really scared me”

Some people also add extra D’s on the end to emphasise it

Like “XDDDD”

You can write it lowercase as well like “xd”, or just have the x lowercase like “xD”. Making the d lowercase looks odd though.

I hope this helps! XD (sorry I had to)
Q: what does 'XD' mean when people put it at the end of a sentence?
A: It's definitely an emoticon. (The little face that @Alaa_K: mentioned)

It can, of course, mean you're kidding, but not always.


Did you see how stupid Donald Trump looked during the debate!? XD

Here, no one is joking -- just pointing out something extremely amusing. Haha
Q: XD Does this sound natural?
A: Are you the guy from "cooking with dog" on Youtube?
Q: XD is an emoticon of text message.
XD is a text message emoticon.
XD is an emoticon on text message.

Which is good?
A: The second one sounds the most natural.

"XD is a text message emoticon."

You could also say:

"XD is an emoticon for text messages."
"XD is an emoticon used in text messages."
Q: What does "XD" mean? I often see some English speakers using it in the Internet forum
A: It's a person shutting their eyes and laughing. It means "lol" basically. :)

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