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Q: What is "Xi"?
A: Xi Jinping, president of China
Q: Xi's leadership is at risk as more and more Chinese people believe that the government's censorship and lack of medical treatment may have caused and worsened the pandemic of the Coronavirus in the first place.
Q: Xi's reemergence shows how carefully China is controlling the coronavirus narrative

Q. This is a title of a news article. Can "the coronavirus narrative" mean any stories made or circulated regarding the virus pandemic? such as rumors too?
A: Yes, that’s right. It means China is controlling what is being told (facts, rumours, statistics, news, etc), and what they decide hide from everyone.
Q: What was Xi doing when Xi fell into the river? Does this sound natural?
A: × What was Xi doing when Xi fell into the river?
✓ What was Xi doing when he (or she) fell into the river?

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