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Q: What does yearning? mean?
A: Yearning means a feeling of intense longing for something.
Which is the present tense of yearn (which means to have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from.)

Examples are:
He felt a yearning for the mountains.

She yearned for her friend back.

They were yearning for the weekend.

He yearns to travel.
Q: What does yearning mean?
A: Longing for
Q: What does yearning mean?
A: Very strongly wanting something, probably something you once had but now don't.
Q: What does yearning mean?
A: Yearning means to have an extreme want for someone/something

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Q: Please show me example sentences with yearning .
A: noun
noun: yearning; plural noun: yearnings
a feeling of intense longing for something
Similar words: pining for, craving, strong desire, really want, wish "he felt a yearning for the mountains"
An example of yearning is longing to ask someone on a date.
A persistent, often melancholy desire; a longing.
A yearning for romance and adventure.

"He felt such a strong yearning for his home, he packed his back and left."

as an adjective involving or expressing yearning.
"a yearning hope: "He felt a yearning hope to see his mother and father again."

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Q: What is the difference between yearning and adimiration and adoration ?
A: I don't think that giving examples alone will help you to understand well the nuance of these terms.
A yearning is a great desire to experience a romanticized situation. For example: a love affair or an exploration of the planet Mars.
Sandra finished the novel she was reading. She looked out her window and again she felt the familiar yearning to be a pioneer on a wagon train bound for the Oregan Territory.
Admiration is a deep respect and a longing to immolate an archetype. Usually, the idol of admiration is someone who is considered excellent within his or field or career.
Before she began to sing her first song, Tina Turner stood still on the stage and let the admiration of her fans wash over her.
Adoration is a deep and respectful outpouring of love. It is usually associated with god worship and religious practices.
The priestess placed the offering on the altar. In her heart, she felt that the adoration that the gathering invoked would certainly touch the hearts of the gods.
Q: What is the difference between yearning and longing ?
A: These are very similar and I see them used interchangeably.
'I long for uninterrupted time to create art and I long to be successful'
'The students yearn for knowledge. Five years ago I yearned to live the life that I am living now.'
Q: What is the difference between yearning and desire and craving ?
A: Yearning: you're thinking of something and wanting it. (I yearn to be like them some day.)
Desire: a strong want for something, (odd example: I have the desire to kill someone.)
Craving: mostly used for when you really want some type of food. (I'm craving chocolate right now!)
Q: What is the difference between yearning and craving and longing ?
A: Longing and yearning are relatively interchangeable and carry a sense of heartache. Craving is usually used towards food and carries a sense of desperation and hunger.
I yearn to be free.
I long to see you.
I crave junk food.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? I am yearning for you
A: @hifzakhan9071

Main apke liy tardp / taras rahi hon...
Am i right?, 😏😏
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? "He kept yearning and after a while He was died" is this sentence correct ?
A: after awhile, he died
he was died
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? yearning
A: Hope this helps :)

Other questions about "Yearning"

Q: I am yearning for you so much Does this sound natural?
A: people don't usually use the word "yearning" in that context.

"I miss you alot" or "I'm always thinking about you" are usually used to mean "I am yearning for you."

Since "yearning" isn't frequently used, it might actually sound a little creepy to say that you yearn for someone because the word "yearn" is sort of like a word that emphasizes how much you desire someone.
Q: The yearning to maximize my performance under real exam conditions motivates me to improve my English with determination and tenacity, and aim for higher language proficiency. The ultimate goal is to make myself easily understood with idiomatic English. Thank you :) Does this sound natural?
A: Thank you! One more question, The yearning to... or The wish to... Which one is better? Thank you 😊
Q: She is so yearning for his affection ,desipite they are not a couple. Does this sound natural?
A: Sometimes I use "so" before -ing words like it was the word "really" but it is very bad grammar. If you want to emphasize yearning you could use a word really or truly.
Q: I am so yearning for dozen of hambergurs right now,the fact is that im so starving that can almost eat a horse now... Does this sound natural?
A: I am craving hamburgers I could eat a dozen! I'm so starving I could eat an entire hourse. (something like this would be a proper correction)

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