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Q: What does "yuppie ass" in "Now, march your yuppie ass outta my kitchen." mean?
A: "Yuppie" is slang for "young professional," an annoying young rich person with bad taste
Q: What does yuppies mean?
A: Stands for “young urban professional” This is generally a negative word meaning someone who is selfish, spoiled, and likes fancy things.
Q: What does corporate yuppie culture mean?

I actually had to look up the term. Essentially, corporate yuppie culture would be an environment where young professionals can have succesful careers.
Q: What does yuppies mean?
A: "Yuppies" is slang for "young urban professional," meaning a certain level of upper-middle class with often stereotyped tastes and habits (e.g., driving certain luxury cars, wearing certain designer clothes, sending their kids to overly obscure extracurricular activities, etc.)

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Q: Some yuppie creamed her up at the streams.
What does this sentence mean? is this some kind of slang?
A: 我也没听过。上下文是什么?
Q: Could you see yourself married to yuppie man?

A: あなたはヤッピーと結婚すると考えられますか?

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