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    2. I have no idea whether you put it as a complete word or you quoted part of a word or expression. Kashiko as a conventional way of ending letter. Kashiko as the short for kashikoi hito (smart person) Kasikoi adjective meaning to be smart, wise and intellectual. Kashikomarimashita for a professional way of responding when accepting someone's request.

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    2. Sincerely,Faithfully,Respectfully

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    2. かしこまりました。は、分かりました。の丁寧な言い方です。目上の人(ex:your boss in your company)や店員がお客様に使ったりします。主に、ビジネスシーンで使います。 分かりましたは日常的に使います。

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    2. Chinese language and Japanese language are two different languages with a lot of mutual influences. I find Japanese language easier than Chinese language overall but Japanese language has a lot of exceptions to remember. I am still learning and struggling with it. I think sentence structure wise, Chinese language is closer to English language.

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