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    2. Ah, I saw that twitter trend. The reason why the word came up in twitter trends would be because a drama series named "Sayonara, Kiritanpo" have gotten blamed for the reason that 'Kiritanpo' should not be used in term of a word reminiscent of sexual organ of male in the drama series, which used a real incident as a motif, Abesada incident, that a woman cut a guy's penis. There were other famous movie "愛のコリーダ Ai no Corrida" which used the same motif.

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    2. 引っ越しした新しい家がかたむいている。この家を売った人の瑕疵担保責任で、修理してもらわなければならない。

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    2. きりたんぽ 焼きおにぎり 焼きおにぎり isn't used for a hot pot and rice isn't mashed. きりたんぽ is often used for a hot pot and rice is a little mashed.

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    2. hello (^-^)/. Is たんぽぱ means たんぽぽ? たんぽぽ is hiragana form. たんぽぽ means dandelion. たんぽぽ changes  タンポポ in katakana form . 蒲公英  in kanji from.

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