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    2. (these sentences have meter. さるのだいじな 7 かぎのたば 5 げんかんうらぐち 7 まどとだな 5 どれがどれだか 7 わからない 5 As you can see, line with 7 letters and that of 5 letters repeat alternately) Monkey's important bunch of keys. for the entrance door back door window and shelf. Has no idea, which is which?

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    2. This itself can't make any sense and needs some context. For example, You look so tired. Do you straight come home today? No. I'll pick up my girlfriend first on my way back. (This is because) She's my treasure (an important person). だいじな人ですから。 Sorry for my poor example. I hope it helps you a bit. 😓

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    2. 好きis not a verb but an adjective. In other words, it's not an action but a description unlike gustar in Spanish. That's why when you use 好き as well as other emotional verbs 嫌い、痛い、ほしいyou need to the は-がsentence pattern. For example, 私は目が大きいです。 日本はラーメンがおいしいです。 私は日本語が好きです。 頭が痛いです。 お金がほしいです。 あります originally representes existence so the object marker をcan't follow it. つくえの上にえんぴつがあります。 明日テストがあります。

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