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    2. This is my explanation. まちどおしい to express own "feeling" that time to wait for something is very long and wishing it comes soon. まちどおしい is written as "wait + far" まつ+とおい so I think it is used when we express to wait for a long time comparatively. For example, "It is snowing and too cold! I can't wait for summer from now" I would use まちどおしい. But also we use it like "I can't wait to see my boyfriend tomorrow", it sounds like even it is a short time but she must feel the time longer than the actual time. まちきれない is written as "wait + cut (finish,end)" まつ+きる” "cannot wait throughout/completely and make one's next move." For example, I have been waiting for my friend for an hour but she hasn't showed up yet. I cannot wait for her anymore so I go home. I would say まちきれない in this case. Shifting from it, まちきれない is used as " cannot wait for something fun, itching to do it soon! " まてない is just " action". the same as "cannot go", "cannot do" Can you wait for me 5 minutes? No, I cannot wait! I want to go to restroom right now! For your question, "I can't wait for the trip this weekend" I asked my co-workers and they chose " まちきれない" , but I think まちどおしい is maybe OK if it is the beginning of the week when you set for.

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    2. すうじつまえ に あたらしい ほん が とうちゃくした。

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    2. Very good! Almost perfect!! But, there are a few parts which I want to change word. "★" is the part which I changed. [family name]家のみなさん、 こんにちは。 ホストファミリーになってくれてありがとうございます。 とてもたのしみにして、まちどおしいです。 はじめまして。 私は[my name]と申します。 ドイツの学生です。 十五さいです。 趣味はスポーツです。 ★みなさんの趣味はなんですか。 すみません、日本語が★ちょっと下手ですが★、 日本語が上手になりたいから、 ★がんばってべんきょうしています。 ★ご返信をお待ちしております。 ★よろしくおねがいします。 失礼します★。 [my name]★  (※Last "★" means; You do not need "。" after your name.) It is very nice letter! Definitely, your host family will be glad to read your letter!

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