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    2. WordsKanjiExamples 上がる・揚がる・挙がる・上るirregular【あがるagaru】 v. 活用 / intrans. v. 活用 rise; to go up; to come up; to ascend; to be raised. 2. to enter (esp. from outdoors); to come in; to go in. 3. to enter (a school); to advance to the next grade. 4. to get out (of water); to come ashore. 5. to increase.—Also written as 騰る in ref. to price.  6. to improve; to make progress. 7. to be promoted; to advance. 8. to be made (of profit, etc.). 9. to occur (esp. of a favourable result). 10. to be adequate (to cover expenses, etc.). —Often as 〜で上がる.  11. to be finished; to be done; to be over. 12. (of rain) to stop; to lift. 13. to stop (working properly); to cut out; to give out; to die. 14. to win (in a card game, etc.). 15. 挙がる: to be arrested. 16. 挙がる: to turn up (of evidence, etc.). 17. 揚がる: to be deep fried. 18. to be spoken loudly. 19. to get stage fright. 20. to be offered (to the gods, etc.). 21. to go; to visit.—Humble language 「謙譲語」. 22. to eat; to drink. —Honorific language 「尊敬語」. be listed (as a candidate). —Esp. 挙がる. 24. to serve (in one's master's home). 25.(in Kyoto) to go north. suffix / v. 活用26.(after the -masu stem of a verb) indicates completion. 

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    2. (feeling lightheaded. sweating a lot) Did I catch cold? (going up. going down. I am swayed suddenly) Swayed by the skepticism more and more. (dizzy.. dizzy.. dizzy..) p.s. not 眩輩 should be 眩暈

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