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    2. Originally, the way of foreign words to be written in カタカナ was according to how it sounds and heard in ears. So, unless you say Sammy as sa'mi (' means phonetic stop), you had better not write it as サッミ. Most of Japanese people are familiar with writing サミー, because it proves that above said principle had been practiced traditionally. In Chinese, they write Samantha as 萨曼莎 and Sammy as 萨米. Their counterparts in Japanese 漢字 are: 萨 → 薩 曼 → 曼 莎 → 莎 (Use of this 漢字 is quite rare in Japan. People are fond of using 沙 or 紗 for sa sound. 米 → 米 I think, for Japanese people, 漢字 of 薩 and 米 won' t give aesthetic impression. Below 漢字 are popular for using baby names according to: Sa 叉 三 左 佐 沙 作 妙 些 査 咲 茶 唆 紗 皐 爽 嵯 裟 醒 Mi 巳 三 子 未 見 身 実 味 美 海 珠 深 望 穂 魅 彌 観

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