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    2. ドーモです。🤗

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    2. Actually ボチボチ is standard Japanese vocabulary, not particularized as Kansai dialect. 広辞苑 says definition for ぼちぼち、ぼつぼつ、ほつほつ as expression to describe matter proceeds/progresses slowly/little by little. でんなあ is common expression for Kansai people which means ですなあ. When Kansai people say ボチボチでんなあ, he means things are going in slow movement but on a steady way. 病気の具合は、まあ、ボチボチでんなあ。 商売の方も、まあまあ、ボチボチでんなあ。 パッとは行きまへんが、ボチボチやってます。

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    2. 関西人はよく使いますよ(゚∀゚)

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