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    2. なってくる is used as in predicting that a thing will turn out a certain state in the future or as in giving a general idea that something changes. In most cases, with or without くる, the overall meaning is pretty much the same. However, くる tends to be used as the change gradually takes place for a relatively long period. 蚊に刺されてしばらくすると、刺されたところが赤くなってくる/赤くなる。 Soon after you get bit by a mosquito, the part it bit turns red. なってきた, on the other hand, is used for a specific change that is currently going on or that has been completed. マギーはものすごく内気だけど、とってもいい人だよ。彼女のことを知れば知るほど、彼女のことが好きになってくる。マギーはそういう人です。 Maggy is extremely shy, but has a very good personality. The more you know about her, the more you like her. She's a person like that. はじめは、マギーとは仲良くなれないと思ってたけど、最近、彼女のことが好きになってきた。 I first thought I couldn't hit it off with Maggy. But, lately I'm getting to like her. In your example, くる gives a meaning like you get to like Maggy over some phases of transition of your feelings towards her.

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    2. 考えも+しなかった ≒思いつかなかった、考えられなかった

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    2. Your pronunciation is very good !

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