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    2. That's a very good question. We have the word "催促する" which is often translated as "remind", but I think "催促する" has much more urgent and aggressive nuances than "remind". It's 100% ok to say "鈴木さんが忘れないように催促しておきましょうか?" = "Let's send a reminder to Suzuki-san so that he doesn't forget" to a third person (anybody but Suzuki). If you say "忘れていないように催促のメールです" to Suzuki direcly, it could be considered too aggressive or even be confrontational in some situations. I think it's ok for a teacher to use this word directly to students. But it's not usually ok to use this word in a business situation, such as to a client of yours. When we use リマインダー in Katakana, it has a lot more mild nuances than 催促, so people use it without any restriction. It's a bit sad we couldn't invent a useful word like "reminder" in Japanese :)

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