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    2. ほとんど同じ意味だと思います。 個人的(こじんてき)に、日本的な音楽、動物→唄、洋的な音楽、一般的(いっぱんてき)な音楽→歌なイメージです。 例) 1、昨日、カラオケで歌った! 2、鳥が唄う 3、民謡(みんよう)を唄う

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    2. 「歌う」 meaning "sing" by human, with melody. 「唄う」 meaning "murmur beautifully" by river or bird for example, without melody. (and occasionally used when someone "sing" traditional song) 「詠う」 meaning "read poetically" by human, without melody, especially use for poetic words.

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    2. In general, we use 歌う to express "sing" (cantar) , only when we talk about Japanese traditional folk song called "Minyo(民謡)", we use 唄う, I think.

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    2. 伝統的なものには「唄」、最近のものには「歌」を使う傾向があります。

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    2. Southern All Stars, a Japanese nationwide popular band, appeared at the closing of Japan’s biggest music show where they perform their song called 希望の轍(kibou no WADACHI) literally meaning the TRACK of hope. On the other hand, there’s an area named ADACHI in Tokyo. The funny guy mixed up the two different words and thought the song was about ADACHI. The funny point is that he gave an unexpected contrast between the national band’s impressive song performed at the highlight stage of the year and the name of quite a minor area which people would not care about, except for the local populations. Anzen Mansai they added to the end of the conversation is a comedy duo from Adachi area.

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