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    2. 怒った彼女が泣き喚き始めた

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    2. Both means "shout". 叫ぶ is also translated as "cry". 助けを求めて叫ぶ =cry for a help 泣き叫ぶ =cry loudly (by a shock/fear/etc. 喚く shows your disapproving feeling to the "shout/loud voices", such as "you're noisy" or "you're overreacting". 彼は何だか喚いていたよ。 =He was just shouting (in his speech. It didn't make sense to me./It didn't interest me at all. etc.) あれが歌? 喚いてるだけでしょ。 Is that a singing? She's only a loud speaker. ぎゃーぎゃー喚くんじゃない。 Stop shouting. (I don't think you need to.)

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    2. 泣く: to cry (normally with tears), to shed tears, to weep わめく:to exclaim, to yell, to roar (more loud and upset than 泣く and normally without tears) 泣きわめく:to exclaim with tears

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    2. 「叫ぶ」は遠くに届くように、また驚いたりした時に大きな声を出すという意味。 「喚く」は不満や訴えを表す為の大声でという意味です!

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    2. どの言葉も、大きな声を出す意味ですが、違いは{ }の中の説明です。 叫ぶ=大声を上げる、{強く主張する} *自然保護を叫ぶ 喚く(わめく)=大声で叫ぶ、{騒ぐ} *泣こうが喚こうが、もう遅い 怒鳴る=大声で呼ぶ、{叱る} *怒鳴らない子育て 子どもを怒鳴らないで! お役に立てれば嬉しいです。

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