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    2. Hi! I'm also learning Japanese but I think I can help answer this from the Chinese translations I've read as well as my own interpretation! I find that Amazarashi's lyrics usually contain the singer's own day-to-day experiences and feelings at that time. He likes to use a lot of metaphors so I don't think it's about anyone (he/she/they) in particular. I think this is actually a whole set: 掃き溜めみたい憧憬も 遠くからは見とれていた  憧れが駆け込み乗車   いたたまれなく頭を垂れた 絶望と君、隣り合わせ  自暴自棄とは背中合わせ  がらんどうが乗り合わせ 乗り過ごしたんだ幸福を That rubbish heap-like aspiration, I was fascinated by it from a distance I ran for my adoration, seconds before the train doors closed Restlessly trapped in my seat, I lowered my head Hopelessness sits right next to your shoulder Self-sabotage right behind your back As you share a ride with hollowness, You've missed the stop for Happiness. ========================================== In Japan's train stations, there are train announcements that says '駆け込み乗車はお止めください’, please do not rush into the train. There is a little story here on the train, The singer's adoration is akin to a leaving train, in sight, but fleeting, almost out of grasp, but he decided to run for it, barely getting in before the train door closes on him. But once he was in, people stared at him (frown-upon behaviour in Japan to rush for trains), and he felt undeserving, uneasy, restless, and "sorry" for being exactly where he was. I think regardless of whether the English translated version is 'you' or 'I', it was all an episode in one day of Hiromu Akita's life. I find the phrase 憧れが駆け込み乗車 extremely beautiful. :)

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