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    2. 今日の打合せはとても有意義でした。

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    2. 有意義:充実した「今日の会議は有意義なものでした。」 意義深い:色々な意味を持つ「この場所は我々にとって意義深い場所だ。」 You closed this question then I cannot make new form ~XD Ya, "fullfilling" is cool. "useful"...I don't know. If you have one thing to do, and you thought you did best for that or you got better than you thought, that's "有意義". "to have a deep meaning" Yes. And maybe "to have some(or a lot)meanings". The things or place, for other one's that's not speciall. But for you that's meaningfull and speciall. that's 意義深い.

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