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    2. 1怒れるハムスターで動くピラミッド Pyramid powered by angry hamster 2 凶暴な目のガスム ( we don't have an equeivalent of gasm and I just spelled it out.) Violent eye gasm  3 気の毒な執事の重力場に入った Entered the Gravity field of poor butlers 4 千匹の子猫の天使の祝福が私たちを守るだろう Blessings of a thousand angel kittens will protect us 5彼は(私の)羽の生えた豚に罠を仕掛けた he placed a trap for my winged pigs 6 あそこにあるトイレ(バスルーム)はイルカのために建てられた。 That bathroom over their was built for dolphins 7 運命、死、そして破壊の道具が見つかるまで永遠に探し続ける (I interpreted search for eternity as "search eternally".) Searching for eternity until the instrument of doom, death and destruction is found

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