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    2. This is a figurative expression that imitates the notice printed on a railway ticket. The phrase 途中下車無効 should be 途中下車前途無効. An actual ticket will be printed as follows: 「A駅からB駅行き、途中下車前途無効」 Station 'A(the departure station)' to Station 'B(the destination station)', If you got off the train at a station before reach the destination station, after that, the ticket is invalid. 今の自分(my present self) as the departure station, and 未来の自分(my future) as the destination station in this sentence. Also 途中下車前途無効 means "Can't reach the (good) future if I quit the effort (or lose the positive attitude)", I guess.

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    2. 選挙のときなにも書かなければ無効とされます。 If you write nothing, your vote is treated as invalid.

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    2. From the context, それっぽいところ seems to mean "the areas/ programs that seem to be causing the problem to the person's computer." As mfuji-san says, それっぽい means それらしい =それと思われる. それ → 問題の原因 それっぽい → 問題の原因だと思われる ^^ Hope this makes sense to you.  

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