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    2. あああ、そっちの生みの親か!その小説内では「開発者」「考案した人」という意味で使われてますね、ごめんなさい!

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    2. All of those terms you found in dictionaries are correct. The differences are not very significant (at least for me), maybe some are slightly more legal sounds, and some are slightly a bit more colloquial. >How do you say, "I am adopted" or "I was adopted" 私は養子です。 (if you are a female, then 私は養女です is equally OK) >My adoptive parents are from America 私の養父母はアメリカ人です。 (養親 for me sounds like a bit legal) >My biological parents are Japanese 私の実の親は日本人です。 (生みの親 is literally translated as "a parent who born me" so thus it is only usable for your mother. If you want to say both of your father and mother, 実の親 is most commonly used, the other two are a bit more legal)

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