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    2. やってみます、とひらがなで書くほうが自然ですね。 学校の鶏に一匹ずつ餌をやってみます。 「とりあえずやってみます」とハルキは不安げに答えた。

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    2. It means “to worry about”, so the whole sentence means “If it’s friends, I’d worry about them, so I go alone most of the time.”

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    2. This word is difficult to use even Japanese. You are diligent person. ほど includes a lot of means . It also have means of "to the point, to the extent", but it doesn't be used usually. Generally speaking it is used in idioms. Vice versa, くらい don't mind situations or kind of sentences. So you can replace ほど to くらい in limited situations. Maybe a lot of Japanese use this words with feeling. They learn how to use in conversation with other people's. So if you want to use ほど , you have to learn a lot of idioms by heart. Unfortunately, your answers is incorrect... But don't mind! It is difficult for us! The sentence you making is natural except for ほど! Maybe learning idioms of ほど is the fast pass to be able to use ほど. Sorry, I'm not good at writing English, I hope to tell you correct means. If you have some questions about my description ,please tell me. I Show the definition of ほどin Japanese‐English dictionary. The meaning of 1,3,4 is easy to use. But the meaning of 2, take care of sentence 1.reasonably close to=about; approximately; or so; some extent; a degree   how much [far, long] 3.a limit; limits; bounds   4.comparison; compared with; as as 私は彼ほど背が高くない. I am not as tall as him [he is]. --------ほどidiom------ 身のほどを知る。 多いほど良い。 ご自愛のほどお祈り申し上げます。 ほどなくして、彼は姿を現した。

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    2. ゴルフは高過ぎて、やったことがない(です)。それに、ブラジルにはゴルフコ一スがないです。 or I would say, ゴルフは、とても高いのでやったことがないです。それに、ブラジルにはゴルフコ一スがないです。

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