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    2. Is “鹿嶋” a place name?🤔

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    2. That's interesting question! I wanted to know it, so I researched about it. These are the same of meaning but has different construction of character. "嶋 "comes from a mountain floating on the sea and a bird staying on the mountain. I hear original meaning of the character which a mountain is written under a bird. After that we use 嶋. In Japan, we have the same name "かしま" in Saga and Ibaraki. One article says かしま in Ibaraki was used the character "鹿島" but 鹿島 in Ibaraki had the consolidation of smaller municipalities with another village in 1995 and they had to change their name. When they thought a new name, they tried to be different from かしま in Saga. They decided to use 嶋. Nowadays they use 鹿嶋 as their city name. But the soccer team 鹿島アントラーズ has used the old name.

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