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    2. 鼻つまみ」は「嫌われ者」と同じような意味です。 (私は)君がロンドンで嫌われ者になるようにすることができるし というような意味です

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    2. 臭いものに蓋 is an idiomatic expression meaning to ignore trouble or shield it from people's attention. 臭いもの and 蓋 mean something stincky and lid/shield, respectively. 鼻つまみ者 figuratively means someone being disliked by other people. 鼻, つまみ, and 者 mean nose, to pinch, and person, respectively. Think of someone stincky and people pinching their nose so as not to smell the odor. 鼻つまみ者 is someone that people treat that way. The person accidentally compares himself to something stincky in the line 臭いものに蓋理論だ. The other person makes fun of him for being aware of the fact that he's the trouble, then he responds in a comedy sketch way by saying that she's implying that he's 鼻つまみ者: "Yeah, you mean I'm the pain in the ass... wait! Shut the fuck up!"

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