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    2. Cross is a verb, across is an adverb/preposition: - "I crossed the field in order to get to school." - "I could see my friend across the field." - "The boat crossed the river." - "The boat sailed across the river."

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    2. "My girlfriend didn't understand, I couldn't get my point across." Meaning: My girlfriend didn't understand the points or argument I was making. The point did not 'get across'. "Can you get across this bridge?" Meaning: Different from the 'get across' above, this question is directly asking someone if they are able to travel across a bridge.

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    2. It is not synonymous in all situations. "Across" means you are passing on the outside of something. "Through" means you are crossing something, but it is on the inside. If something does not have an inside, then "across" and "through" are synonymous. "We went across the bridge." "Across" is synonymous with "over." "We went through the bridge." This makes no sense. It would sound like you were somehow inside the bridge. "She went through the door." This is correct. "She went across the door." This is incorrect, UNLESS the door was on the floor, and you walked ON the door. "We went across the field." "We went through the field." This means the same thing. You can go "into" a field, so you can go "through" it. "Through" can also mean "finished." "He was through with the insults." "We are through!" (with a relationship) "Through" can also mean "along" or "get past." "Can she get through the pain?" "I don't know why I am going through with this." Hope this helps! :)

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