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    2. ‘Hello! I have a friend, who is real big fan of you. Can you send a celebrate message to her? Please Mr. Abhaas. We love you. :( If you do that, she will be really happy. 8th of July is her birthday. I know, you have a polite heart. We will stay with you forever! ‘ There are some mistakes and the paragraph is informal(Since your calling him Mr. Abhaas I assume your not close to him so more respectful(formal) language would be better. ‘Hello Mr. Abhaas. I have a friend who is a real big fan of yours. Could you please send a message celebrating her birthday to her? We’d love it if you do. 8th of July is her birthday, so please send it on that day. We would really appreciate it if you do.’ I’m not sure about the ‘we will stay with you forever’ part. Hope this helps 👍👍

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