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    2. Historically, various people ranging from ordinary citizens to experts such as professors in the political science have been curious about the role of governments. Some people state that governments should make decisions about people’s lifestyles, while others disagree with the above perspective. In this essay, the role of the governments would be discussed and I would like to express the reason why people should make their own decisions. For those who support that the governments should make decisions about people’s lifestyle, it is significant that some public services can be provided by only the governments. This claim is seemed to be convincing by witnessing the actual public services nowadays. Activities related to security issues are actually managed by the public sector. There seems to be no doubt that these activities must be controlled through the political procedure, even though the decision largely affects people’s lives. For example, in almost all countries, the budget of military forces is categorized in political issues, not economic issues. Also, some countries adopt the compulsory conscription for all male citizens. In this field, it could be stated that only the governments have a right to make decisions about people’s lives. However, in my opinion, most of the services should be determined by the individuals, although there are some services which only the governments can deal with. It is true that in some countries, the governments provide public services like healthcare, education. However, these services can be provided by private companies. Furthermore, from the view of the efficiency, the competition of private companies is beneficial for many citizens. Nowadays, many services which the government covered in the past are privatized. One of the examples of privatization in Japan is water management. One of the purposes of this privatization is to choose the favorable supplier for each consumer. These changes may mean that many citizens want to make their own decision. In conclusion, I strongly believe that basically, people should make their own decision, though there is room for intervention by the governments.

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    2. What you’ve written is good but it’s not a complete sentence. It’s missing a verb to complete your thought.

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    2. Check the question to view the answer

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