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    2. @xx_okayy_ A panacea is a cure-all.

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    2. I have rephrased some of it, to flow better. If you have any questions or such feel free to ask but I hope this helps. Good luck! "It is an undeniable fact that numerous developing nations still demand global cooperation. Some would argue that financial assistance will lead to effective result within developing countries whilst others believe that practical counselling would bring better ramifications. This essay agrees that the international community should focus on practical support instead of temporary economical assistance. As a consequence, it will lead to developing countries having the ability to solve their own problems. Admittedly, Supporting developing countries is one of the most significant ways to get out of poverty. Also, underdeveloped countries have a lack of immediate resources such as food, money or water. For example, In 2014, UNICEF researched that 25% of new-born babies born in Africa were dying out from cold and hunger. This was because their parents had no financial ability to purchase clothes or food. Therefore, there are still underdeveloped countries that are in need of substantive aid. It is true that some poor nations suffer with lack of commodity. Nevertheless, we cannot discount that fact that although numerous of unwealthy countries have lavish resources, they still stay at an underdeveloped level. For instance, The Venezuela Government have and hold a vast amount of financial resources. Despite this, most of the population have a serious problem when it comes to purchasing basic food products. It is because of corruption among wealthy political figures. As seen from the example, not every country requires financial support as doing so the population that require the aid may never receive it as the money may be spread out amongst the wealthy instead. To conclude, each poor nation struggles with different obstacles and I believe that the world should support these underdeveloped countries with helpful advice and not just temporary expedient."

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    2. Most of your writing makes sense, but I tried to rewrite in a way that might be a little easier to understand. Youtube should limit free speech. There is a saying, “Better safe than sorry,” which should be considered relevant to participation in online activities. Recently, a Yomiuri survey has found that a quarter of the content on Youtube can be deemed inappropriate. This content should be immediately deleted by the video-sharing service to restrict its exposure. By doing this, Youtube can increase its capacity to prevent undesirable events from occurring. Fundamentally, I believe that there are three major reasons why the global video-sharing platform should be free to monitor and delete any content, the first being that, as a site that has no access restrictions, it should be kept ‘clean’ and safe for people of all ages and backgrounds to use. The second is that the power to freely monitor and delete content will help Youtube to detect copyright infringements quickly. Lastly, inappropriate videos may lower the credibility of advertisers. Firstly, Youtube is not a place where creators should be allowed to post anything they want. 60% of viewers believe the site should be less moderated, and that any videos they perceive as entertaining, including displays violent or offensive behaviour, are acceptable. However, it is important to consider the feelings of all viewers and not just the majority. Even if a single person feels offended by a video, it should be deleted. In fact, in Japan, Youtube receives 20,600 complaints per year. Secondly, copyright infringements should be found and dealt with as soon as possible. Although, in some places in the world, such as Africa, copyright violations aren’t banned by the law, having content stolen can be mentally harmful and can negatively effect an individual’s life. The income of a Youtube creator who makes music has declined by 11% (you should include a time here e.g. in the past 5 years) as a result of other users who use music without permission, which illustrates the consequences of inadequate copyright enforcement policies. Finally, the existence of inappropriate videos on Youtube can damage the reputation of advertisers. There has even been a case of a major enterprise cancelling its contract with the video-sharing service due to this content. Similarly, there are countless companies that are negatively impacted and cannot continue to advertise. Therefore, Youtube should be free to moderate free speech and remove any content they deem to be inappropriate or illegal. This is a view shared by Google, the owner of the platform, which is already planning to increase moderation of this type of content. (I don’t really understand what you’re saying in the last line).

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    2. Elementary school children can not handle the responsibility of having cell phones. This is because they could be addicted to unnecessary applications like games, and their (intellectual?) ability would decline. The second reason is that they would be swindled by particular sites. The last reason is that they would lose their communication skills with other people. Firstly, they might be addicted to applications such as games. Admittedly, according to a survey toward parents, some parents care about their child's future, and say that possessing a cell phone is essential for their child's future career. Yet, it's not relatable because almost all cell phone users were able to learn how to use it well very fast. More importantly, children really like games and don't play it in moderation. On top of that, this would be harmful to their eyes. Secondly, there are countless fishing websites. Elementary school students are not alway taught how to avoid and identify which websites are bad in Japan. After graduating from elementary schools, Japanese students will have better knowledge on the Internet system. On the other hand, younger students are at more risk of being scammed. Therefore, parents should (not?) allow their children to use cell phones so that they wouldn't have any terrible risks on the Internet. Lastly, they wouldn't be able to communicate with other people well. For instance, using social media on cell phones means that they are not using their five senses, especially eyesight and hearing. Scientists claim that that would lead to, what is known as, communication disorder. This illness might have a bad consequence on their future. I put some things in bracket because I'm not sure if that is what you mean.

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