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    2. If this is being used humorously, "Miss Adolf" is referring to a female who perhaps acts a bit strictly and in an authoritarian manner, as it is a reference to Adolf Hitler.....

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    2. In this sentence, it means "for" or "about" or "because". (Adolf fought bitterly for young Hitler's future ?)

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    2. Voldemort is depicted as the archenemy of Harry Potter. When Voldemort is making his comeback, there is an ominous atmosphere dominating the wizarding and Muggle world. As I read through the books I cannot help comparing Voldemort with Adolf Hitler and the dark magic rule with Nazism; both rulers' obsessions are the ultimate power and blood purity, despite being "half blood". The Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's Army and Potterwatch are the counterparts of various resistance movements under Nazism. It is a sad and true fact that what happened in the real world decades ago is far more evil than in the fictional world. You could say "an ominous air dominates" but some more words and "atmosphere"flow a bit better. "I cannot help" is an alternative to "I cannot stop"... I prefer help here. I think there may be more parallels like this in the Fantastic Beasts series of films and the rise of Grindelwald.

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    2. I would say more than sounding unnatural, the logic feels slightly flawed. Bias will most likely be found in the enthusiastic admiration of anyone not just Hitler. I feel like I am missing some context here and that could be the main reason it sounds unnatural to me. Never the less, here is my attempt at helping. "It's hard to decide whether one’s historical point of view is biased or not, except in cases where one enthusiastically admires historical figures such as Adolf Hitler."

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