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Q: What is the difference between <span class="dictionary_keyword">Adopted</span> and Approved and Ratified and Affirmed ?
A: If a law is adopted, it means the country/providence/state/county decided to use it. “After the mass shooting in New Zealand, the country adopted a gun control law.”

If a law is approved, that means the country/providence/state/ or county formally allowed the law to be in use. “When Former US president Barack Obama approved the Gay Marriage bill into a law, gays across the country could now marry. “ Please take note, approving a law in the United States is the process of it going from a bill to law, this process is a bit different in other country.

The meaning of ratified is ; making something officially valid, this is a synonym of Approve, and can be used interchangeably. “After the Brussel attack in Belgium, the government ratified several new laws to prevent this ever happening again.”

The meaning of affirm is slightly different. It means, when relating to government, is reassuring, or stating boldly. For example,” After the Black Lives Matter protests broke out across the US following George Floyd’s killing, president Trump tried to affirm a good commitment in stopping the riots.”

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce <span class="dictionary_keyword">Adopted</span>.
A: thank you 🤩

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