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    2. This a complex sentence and right now there is a lot wrong with the one you've given, mainly in your "tense". Look up some YouTube videos on understanding English "tense." I think you should aim lower in your translation, however let's look at your sentence: 'Adversities" doesn't mean - this sentence is awkward, "adversities" is plural, "doesn't mean" refers to a singular. Instead "Adversity doesn't mean." "Making you away from your dream" - again, the tense is awkward but also this makes no sense. "making you away" isn't an English phrase, perhaps you mean "denying" or "ignoring"? "Do you really want it?" - this is good English on it's own but in your sentence is a bit aggressive, as a native, I would say "are you sure you really want it?" instead. So, a possible translation might be (adding in some more realistic grammar): Adversity doesn't mean ignoring your dreams, it's asking yourself, "do you really want it?" I hope this helps.

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