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    2. although / even though = 雖然 in spite of / despite = 儘管 even if = 即使 不好意思,懶得把手機轉到簡體字 ^^

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    2. Though is more common than although and it is much more common than although in speaking. We often use even with though (but not with although). Example: Though more expensive, the new model is safer and more efficient. Second example: I still feel hungry even though I just had lunch. Example: Everyone enjoyed the trip to Disney although it rained.

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    2. Although Japanese men [hardly ever] say "I love you", I bet girls want to be [told] so.

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    2. "Regardless" isn't used like that. You can use "regardless" in this sentence, but it would make the sentence sound awkward and unnatural, like this: Regardless of my winning the match, I have been eliminated. I have been eliminated regardless of my winning the match.

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    2. "Every time I visit my nephew and I see him using his tablet all day, I confirm my position towards technology. I strongly believe it has made children have a lack of creativity that affects them a lot. This essay will explore the reasons behind my stance. The first reason why I think technology has led to a decrease in children's creativity, is that kids do not need to make up ways to entertain themselves. Let me illustrate this with an example about my childhood. As today’s technology was not available some years ago, I can remember myself as a child spending hours and hours creating and developing new games and activities. We did not only create our own sports, but also invented their rules, so it was an interesting exercise for our minds. As a result, the need to find new ways to have fun made me and my friends more creative. Nowadays, children just download games and entertainment apps on their mobile devices and don't have to think about that, it's already invented for them. Secondly, the technology made children be more sedentary. Altough it doesn't seem very related to creativity development at first, let me explain what I mean. Spending all day in front of a screen, means that kids don't interact with the outside world. Thus, they lose a lot of stimuli that could help them to develop their creative skills. For example, talking to a friend, feeling the wind, experiencing a fall, making an innocent prank, meeting new people from other social sectors, these are experiences that discourage children from just sticking to structured thoughts and that fill their minds with fresh ideas. To conclude, I think we should foster the children's creativity as much as we can. Because technology affects that in a negative way, by preventing them from inventing, or by attaching them to structured thoughts, we have to limit technology. In conclusion, it is important for them to take a pause from technology, and to explore the world that does not appear on a screen." Please compare to the original. I edited some grammar, some spelling, and made some parts a bit more clear. Because it is a formal essay, I changed contractions to the full form (for example, “isn’t” to “is not”). Stimuli = plural of stimulus. It is a Latin word that is used in English and follows its own language rules. The phrase “structured thoughts” is not clear because it is very general in meaning. Is there a different phrase you can use? I’m understanding it as “predefined thought patterns,” with the meaning that the children are not learning to think creatively because they are not challenged. The phrase “structured thoughts” could be understood as a good thing if the person reading it thinks it means something like “well-organized patterns of thought.” Good luck!

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    2. Although I look young for my age.... I am glad, but sad as well... Because I expected some dignity as a man / Because as a man I expected some dignity.

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